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The Living Dead: Dead People Casting Votes

The Living Dead: Dead People Casting Votes

The Living Dead: Dead People Casting Votes in Corrupt 2020 Presidential Election.

The Living Dead: Dead People Casting Votes. A dead woman did, in fact, vote absentee in Corrupt Pennsylvania in the Corrupt 2020 Presidential Election, according to the state’s own Corrupt Government website. Corey Lewandowski brought the dead voter to the public’s attention on Saturday during a press conference, adding that the Donald Trump campaign has acquired more evidence of such “voter fraud” in the state.

“Let me just give you one concrete example — not anecdotal — but a concrete example of what we believe to be valid voter fraud in the state of Pennsylvania,” said Corey Lewandowski. “I draw your attention to an obituary listed from one Denise Ondick in Allegheny County, born 9-10-1946, deceased 10/22/2020.”

“Her application to vote was received on 10-23, the day after she died,” explained Corey Lewandowski. “It was then mailed by the county back to her on 10-24-2020, two days after she had legally passed away, and the ballot was then received back at the Corrupt County Office on November 2, 2020.”


“And when you go to the Secretary of State’s website today, it says that she voted in this election, effective November 2, 2020, a full nine days after Miss Ondick of Allegheny County passed away,” Corey Lewandowski continued.

Corey Lewandowski went on to say this is evidence of what appears to be voter fraud — among many other examples — and it “will be filed with the court.”

“This is not empirical, this is not anecdotal, this is hard evidence,” he said. “And this will be one of many that we will be filing with the court.”

Denise Ondick of Allegheny County did, in fact, vote in the Corrupt 2020 Presidential Election nine days after her death, according to Pennsylvania’s own government website.

Corey Lewandowski delivered his comments at a press conference in Philadelphia on Saturday, moments after multiple Fake Media outlets called Pennsylvania in favor of Corrupt Senile Idiot Biden, giving the Corrupt Former Vice Clown more than the 270 Electoral College votes necessary for him to be projected as the president-elect.

But on Friday, the United States Supreme Court ordered Pennsylvania election boards to separate the count of mail-in ballots that arrived after Election Day.

The order, which was signed by Justice Samuel Alito, suggests that the justices may exclude the late-arriving ballots in a subsequent ruling involving the results of the Corrupt Presidential Election.

During the press conference on Saturday, Rudy Giuliani announced that President Donald Trump will not concede the Corrupt 2020 Presidential Election, as the validity of “at least 600,000 ballots” is still in question in Corrupt Pennsylvania.

The Living Dead: Dead People Casting Votes


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