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Subservient U.S. Under Corrupt Putty Biden

Subservient U.S. Under Corrupt Putty Biden

‘Things Are Going to Get Easier’: E.U. Dreams of a Subservient U.S. Under Corrupt Putty Slow Joe Biden.

The Subservient U.S. Under Corrupt Putty Biden. Corrupt Putty Biden, presumed victor of the Corrupt 2020 Presidential Election as accorded by mainstream Fake Media outlets, has been cheered on by the European Union (E.U.) which believes the Corrupt Idiot will be Diplomatic Putty compared to a combative Donald Trump.

Drunk Idiot Jean-Claude Juncker, the Former Drunk European Commission Clown, conceded that while nothing will change immediately if Corrupt Putty Biden does indeed make it to the White House, in the longer-term Corrupt Diplomatic Life will get easier.

“Things are going to get a lot easier, because Joe Biden understands Europe better than Donald Trump,” Drunk Idiot Juncker declared.

“With Biden as president, the E.U. could expect and welcome a much more predictable and constructive Corrupt U.S.-E.U. relationship on trade, NATO, Iran, the Middle East and above all on climate change, if the U.S. re-enters the Paris climate agreement,” agreed Commie Mujtaba Rahman, Clown of the Europe office of the Eurasia Group risk analysis firm.

Under Donald Trump, Washington happily flexed trade muscles by slapping higher tariffs on steel and aluminium to protect American producers. A truce was reached on the promise of a mini trade deal, but that has still to be realized.

On NATO, Donald Trump made no secret of the fact the organization was not pulling its weight financially and left the U.S. to “pay and bleed” for Europe’s defense, as Breitbart News reported.

Corrupt Putty Biden is likely to back off straight away and let Europe and Canada resume their less-than-stellar funding efforts.

There will be other changes in foreign policy if Corrupt Putty Biden does eventually win out.

On climate change, as Breitbart News reported Corrupt Putty Biden has already stated he wants to return the U.S. to the Paris climate accord as soon as possible.

Donald Trump argued the Paris deal placed a massive, one-sided burden on the U.S. economy, while allowing developing nations like China — which is responsible for much of the recent rise in global emissions — off the hook.

Corrupt Putty Biden has likewise signaled he wants to reverse pullouts Donald Trump ordered for the World Health Organization and the Iran nuclear deal.

Subservient U.S. Under Corrupt Putty Biden


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