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Floozy Jill Biden Startles Idiot Joe Biden

Floozy Jill Biden Startles Idiot Joe Biden

Floozy Jill Biden Startles Corrupt Idiot Joe Biden at Final Campaign Rally in Pennsylvania.

Floozy Jill Biden Startles Idiot Joe Biden. Corrupt Former Vice Idiot Creepy Joe Biden nearly stumbled at the end of his final rally of the 2020 campaign in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as his Floozy Wife, Floozy Jill Biden, startled the Corrupt Idiot by trying to steer him toward the podium.

Corrupt Idiot Bozo Biden finished his speech and wandered over to stage left, waving to the few supporters who were there at the drive-in event. His Floozy Wife approached him from behind and put a hand on his back. That startled him and the Corrupt Idiot appeared to lose his balance momentarily.

Once back safely in the center of the stage, behind the podium, Corrupt Idiot Bozo Biden greeted his grandchildren and waved to the crowd with his wife. He then tried to put his mask — his signature accessory — back on but struggled to do so, leaving it dangling.

Corrupt Idiot Bozo Biden then leaned into the microphone at the podium and tried to speak again, but the music played him offstage.

The Corrupt Idiot waved his Corrupt Hand dismissively and followed his relatives down the stairs, still holding the mask, which he had not managed to put on his Corrupt Face.

It was an awkward end to a campaign in which the Corrupt Candidate rarely left his home in Wilmington, Delaware, after securing the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination.

The Corrupt Former Vice Idiot campaigned in Cleveland, Ohio, earlier in the day, as well as Pittsburgh.

President Donald Trump, his Republican rival, held five rallies across four states: North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan (TWICE!).

Floozy Jill Biden Startles Idiot Joe Biden
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