Full-Time Idiot Biden Call Off ‘Your Rioters’

Full-Time Idiot Biden Call Off ‘Your Rioters’

Ingraham urges Full-Time Idiot Biden: Call off ‘Your Rioters’ on Election Night: ‘Stop the intimidation campaigns, Joe’.

Full-Time Idiot Biden Call Off ‘Your Rioters’. Laura Ingraham urged Corrupt Full-Time Idiot Slow Joe Biden to call off “his rioters” on or around Election Day as businesses and retailers across the country board up storefront windows in anticipation of potential unrest.

“I call on Joe Biden to urge his supporters not to commit acts of violence and destruction on Election Night,” said “The Ingraham Angle” host. “Stop the intimidation campaigns, Joe.”

Laura Ingraham then showed several eerie images of Washington, D.C. hair salons, restaurants, clothing stores, and banks whose windows are covered in plywood as business owners prepare for a possible repeat of the violent riots and looting seen over the summer.

“It’s not boarded up because [Washington D.C.] Mayor Muriel Bowser thinks MAGA supporters will rampage if they don’t get their way,” Laura Ingraham said. “This may actually be a good sign so long as Biden calls off his rioters on November 4.” 

Addressing her viewers directly, Laura Ingraham said: “No one can stop you from casting your vote on Election Day. They wanted to demoralize you but look at these [Trump] rallies.

“Look at them. Look at these caravans. Look at the boat parade. Trump supporters weren’t fazed at all by the left’s intimidation or social media censorship. They showed up for their man in Washington.”

Full-Time Idiot Biden Call Off  ‘Your Rioters’


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