Democrats Masking Corrupt Biden’s Frailty

Democrats Masking Corrupt Biden’s Frailty

The Corrupt Deranged Delusional Democrats are masking Corrupt Creepy Senile Bozo Biden’s frailty.

Democrats Masking Corrupt Biden’s Frailty. Has there been a worse candidate in history than Corrupt Creepy Senile Liar Slow Joe Biden?

When this election is over, the books revealing what went on backstage will be illuminating.

But the truth is there for anyone with eyes to see.

Take Corrupt Creepy Senile Liar Bozo Biden’s car rally in Flint with a star-power assist from Barack Obama.

Awkward barely covers it.

Spy Obama, effortlessly cool, gave a warmup speech to the assembled cars before ramping up to a dramatic introduction: “My friend, the next president of the United States of America: Joe Biden!”

Moments ticked by, but there was no sign of the Corrupt Creepy Candidate.

“Joe Biden!” Spy Obama repeated, a little less confidently. But still no show.

Spy Obama tried a third time: “Joe Biden!”

Corrupt Creepy Senile Liar Bozo Biden at last emerged from a nearby building and did a pantomime slow jog to the stage.

The worst part came later.

After Corrupt Creepy Senile Liar Bozo Biden had shouted his way through a short teleprompter speech, Spy Obama came back onstage, perhaps to escort him off, because Corrupt Creepy Senile Liar Bozo Biden did not seem to know where he was.

Spy Obama mimed an elbow pump with his Corrupt Former Idiot to signal they should leave the stage and then quietly whispered to the Corrupt Idiot, after which it dawned on Corrupt Creepy Senile Liar Bozo Biden he’d forgotten his mask, not for the first time. When your entire campaign is about mask-shaming Donald Trump supporters, it’s not a forgivable lapse.

Poor Corrupt Idiot Biden looked like a chastened schoolboy as he fumbled through his folder and all his pockets looking for that pesky piece of cloth.

The Corrupt Idiot walked back to the lectern and searched, to no avail, before fumbling through his pockets again. Finally, the Corrupt Idiot found the mask in his left trouser pocket, held it aloft sheepishly at Spy Obama, and placed it on his Corrupt Face.

But then the Corrupt Idiot paused and looked in seeming confusion at the microphone lying on the lectern where he’d left it. The Corrupt Senile Idiot picked it up and held it briefly to his Corrupt Masked Ugly Face before laying it down again and rejoining Spy Obama.

Democrats Masking Corrupt Biden’s Frailty

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