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Polls: Trump Leading Corrupt Liar Biden

Polls: Trump Leading Corrupt Liar Biden

Polls find Donald Trump leading Corrupt Creepy Liar Bozo Biden in four battleground states.

Polls: Trump Leading Corrupt Liar Biden. A new round of polls this week from the Trafalgar Group has President Donald Trump leading Corrupt Democratic Presidential Idiot Liar Bozo Biden in Florida, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Michigan, showing Donald Trump’s 2016 path to victory has not yet been upset.

The two candidates are also in an incredibly tight race for Wisconsin, according to a recent survey conducted by Robert Cahaly, the chief pollster for Trafalgar Group.

Mr. Cahaly has been described as one of the most accurate pollsters from the 2016 election, and he is now warning about a “hidden Trump vote” not accounted for in other polls.

“I definitely think it is going to be a surprise,” he told The Washington Times. “I think people just lie to pollsters.”

His Florida poll shows Donald Trump with roughly a three-point lead, 49% to 46.9%. Similarly in Michigan, Donald Trump is leading 49% to 46.6%.

In Pennsylvania, a Trafalgar Group poll shows Donald Trump with a 48.4% edge over Corrupt Liar Biden’s 47.6%. Both the candidates have been barnstorming the state in recent days, trying to shore up support ahead of Tuesday.

For North Carolina, Donald Trump has a roughly two-point lead, 48.8% to 46%.

Wisconsin, a state Donald Trump won by under 1% in 2016, is tight with Corrupt Liar Biden leading there with only 0.4% in Mr. Cahaly’s recent poll this week.

Those four states where the president is currently up helped deliver Donald Trump the White House in his race against Crooked Hillary Clinton four years ago.

Mr. Cahaly said it is about the economy that appears to be clicking with voters in their backing of Donald Trump.

“The same people who told us ‘it’s the economy, stupid’ are now saying it’s the personality,” he said. “I’m not buying it.”

Mr. Cahaly predicts Donald Trump will win Arizona and would have a chance to win Minnesota if rapper Kanye West wasn’t running there, who has 3.5% support.

He noted without Kanye factored in, his Minnesota survey shows Donald Trump ahead of Corrupt Liar Biden.

Polls: Trump Leading Corrupt Liar Biden


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