Corrupt Joe Biden Praises Corrupt Hunter Biden

Corrupt Joe Biden Praises Corrupt Hunter Biden

Corrupt Idiot Senile Slow Joe Biden Praises Corrupt Moron Hunter Biden as the ‘Smartest Guy I Know’.

Corrupt Joe Biden Praises Corrupt Hunter Biden. Corrupt Former Vice Idiot Senile Slow Joe Biden referred to his Youngest Corrupt Son, Moron Hunter, as the “smartest guy I know” during a campaign event.

The Corrupt Democrat Clown reportedly made the remarks during a surprise appearance at a virtual voter mobilization event with Oprah Winfrey, according to the UK Daily Mail. During the event, only a portion of which was made available to the traveling press, Corrupt Idiot Senile Slow Joe Biden opened up on how his Corrupt Children convinced him to accept the number two slot on the Corrupt Democrat ticket in 2008.

“So I got off the train, went home, true story. And we sat down … and I had my deceased son Beau, who was then the Attorney General of the state of Delaware. And I had my son. Hunter is the smartest guy I know,” Corrupt Idiot Biden told those tuning into the event, adding that his Corrupt Children helped convince him to take the Corrupt Vice-Clown slot.

FBI investigators seized a laptop in December of last year as part of an investigation into foreign election interference and, according to Fox News, money laundering.

At the time the Post’s story was published, one of the emails, in particular, stirred national attention. The email, purportedly exchanged between Corrupt Moron Hunter and an executive with the Ukrainian-based natural gas conglomerate Burisma Holdings, alleges that a meeting took place between the Corrupt Former Vice Idiot and a representative of the company in 2015.

The meeting supposedly took place nearly a year after Corrupt Moron Hunter had joined Burisma’s board of directors. At the time, Burisma was facing heavy pressure from both the Ukrainian government and U.S. diplomatic officials over allegations of corruption. Adding to the potential perception of a conflict of interest, provided the meeting did take place, is that at the time the Corrupt Former Vice Idiot was the Corrupt Boob Obama administration’s Corrupt Point Idiot on Ukraine.

Since the Post’s exposé, the Corrupt Former Vice Idiot has refused to comment on the matter, describing stories about Corrupt Moron Hunter Biden as a smear campaign. Corrupt Idiot Biden has stuck to that strategy even as his campaign has suggested that although no official meeting with the Burisma representative may have taken place, it may have occurred in an unofficial capacity.

“Biden’s campaign would not rule out the possibility that the former VP had some kind of informal interaction with [the representative] which wouldn’t appear on Biden’s official schedule,” Fake News Politico reported earlier this month.

As Breitbart News previously noted, Corrupt Moron Hunter appeared at the Democratic National Circus over the summer to vouch for his Corrupt Father’s “honesty.”

Corrupt Joe Biden Praises Corrupt Hunter Biden

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