Spy Boob Barack Obama Was ‘In Shock’

Spy Boob Barack Obama Was ‘In Shock’

President Donald Trump: Spy Boob Barack Obama Was ‘In Shock’ that Corrupt Senile Slow Joe Biden Actually Won.

Spy Boob Barack Obama Was ‘In Shock’. President Donald Trump commented at a campaign rally that Former Spy Boob Barack Obama took his time endorsing his Corrupt Former Vice Clown Senile Slow Joe Biden for president.

“You know, it took him like a long time, right? You know why?” Donald Trump asked. “Because Obama was in shock that this guy won. He was in shock. It took him about two months to figure out what the hell happened.”

President Donald Trump spoke about his predecessor at a rally in Wisconsin.

Spy Obama officially endorsed Corrupt Bozo Biden on April 14, 2020, several days after the last significant Corrupt Democrat primary challenger Commie Bernie Sanders, ended his campaign.

Donald Trump recalled reports of Spy Obama telling Corrupt Bozo Biden that he should not feel like he had to run for president in 2020.

“‘Joe. Joe. Don’t do it. You don’t have to do this. You don’t have to run. Please, Joe. don’t do it,’” Donald Trump said, paraphrasing Spy Obama’s conversation with Corrupt Bozo Biden.

Donald Trump reminded his supporters that this was Corrupt Bozo Biden’s third attempt to run for president.

“In primetime, he got one percent, we called him one percent Joe,” President Donald Trump said, adding that Corrupt Bozo Biden never got more than one percent support in his previous campaigns.

Spy Boob Barack Obama Was ‘In Shock’


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