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Corrupt Criminal Slow Joe Biden ‘Imploding’!

Corrupt Criminal Slow Joe Biden ‘Imploding’!

Donald Trump says campaign going ‘very well,’ Corrupt Criminal Slow Joe Biden ‘Imploding’!

Corrupt Criminal Slow Joe Biden ‘Imploding’! President Donald Trump on “Fox & Friends” said his campaign was going “very well” and said that Corrupt Criminal Slow Joe Biden was “imploding” over reports about a laptop allegedly belonging to his Corrupt Son, Moron Hunter.

“It’s just going very well,” Donald Trump said of his campaign, adding of Corrupt Criminal Biden: “I think he’s imploding, you look at all that corruption in his family, tremendous corruption.”

Donald Trump was referring to recent revelations about a laptop, which purportedly contains emails about Corrupt Moron Hunter’s business dealings, and suggests ties to his Corrupt Criminal Father.

“That laptop, no one has ever seen anything like it, he’s gone into hiding,” Donald Trump said.

Donald Trump also responded to calls by House Republicans for Attorney General William Barr to appoint a special counsel to investigate.

“We got to get the attorney general to act, and he’s got to act fast, he’s got to appoint somebody,” Donald Trump said.

In a call, Donald Trump predicted victory on Nov. 3 and touted the campaign’s performance in a number of key battleground states. 

“We’re going to win,” Donald Trump said. “I wouldn’t have told you that two or three weeks ago. … I am more excited today than I was two weeks ago.”

Corrupt Criminal Slow Joe Biden ‘Imploding’!


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