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Corrupt Criminal Joe Biden Would Be In Jail!

Corrupt Criminal Joe Biden Would Be In Jail!

Donald Trump says Corrupt Criminal Senile Slow Bozo Biden would be in jail for corruption if AG Barr weren’t so ‘nice’!

Corrupt Criminal Joe Biden Would Be In Jail! President Donald Trump stepped up accusations of corruption, saying Corrupt Criminal Senile Slow Bozo Biden and his son Corrupt Moron Hunter should face prosecution as the president’s campaign, looking for the jolt needed to catch the Corrupt Democratic Clown in the polls, seized on allegations of sweetheart deals.

Amid a growing sense of momentum for the Donald Trump campaign with Election Day two weeks away, Donald Trump told supporters in this battleground state that Corrupt Criminal Senile Slow Bozo Biden has been “lucky” to avoid federal prosecution for enriching his Corrupt Family with foreign payments while he was Corrupt Vice Clown for eight years. 

“He has been a corrupt politician for a long time,” Donald Trump said. “This man should not be your president. Number one, he’s corrupt. Number two, he’s not a smart man, never was. Number three, he’s seen better days.”

Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe added the weight of the U.S. intelligence community to news reports the Donald Trump campaign sees as favorable to his reelection, with Mr. Ratcliffe saying there is no evidence that Corrupt Moron Hunter Biden’s explosive emails are part of a Russian disinformation campaign, as some Corrupt Deranged Delusional Democrats have claimed.

“There is no intelligence that supports that,” John Ratcliffe said on Fox Business.

Underscoring the importance that the president’s team is placing on the story’s impact on the campaign, White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said that he spoke with Mr. Ratcliffe over the weekend and urged him to go public with his assessment.

Donald Trump campaign officials say the allegations of the Corrupt Criminal Bidens’ foreign graft have helped to sway the race in the president’s favor in the final two weeks, as they announced a $55 million boost in TV ads in five states aimed at seniors. They said Corrupt Criminal Senile Slow Bozo Biden is on the defensive, and that early vote totals in key states are encouraging for Donald Trump. 

“This is called the laptop from hell,” Donald Trump told thousands of supporters.

Corrupt Criminal Joe Biden Would Be In Jail!


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