Lock Up the Crooked Corrupt Criminal Bidens

Lock Up the Crooked Corrupt Criminal Bidens

Donald Trump told a rally crowd: “Lock up the Bidens.”

Lock Up the Crooked Corrupt Criminal Bidens. Donald Trump was referring to reports that Then-Corrupt Vice Clown Creepy Rapist Senile Slow Joe Biden, his Corrupt Senile Democratic opponent, met with Chinese and Ukrainian business figures allegedly paying his son, Hunter Biden, to facilitate introductions to senior U.S. officials.

Donald Trump appeared to be joking:

Donald Trump: But they thought it was very unfair that Sleepy Joe who cannot answer a question… He really can’t answer a question. Well, Chris Wallace protected him with me. I talked about the Moscow three-and-a-half million payment. I talked about the billion dollars [from China]. Chris Wallace wouldn’t let that… He said, no, that’s not appropriate. Why? You mean the guy’s allowed to take three and a half a million bucks and we’re not allowed to talk to him about it? I’m telling you, that Biden family… And others, but that Biden family is corrupt. It’s a corrupt family.

Crowd: Lock them up!

Donald Trump: And with me and my kids… Let me tell you, my kids… I’ll tell you something. [Laughs] Lock them up. You should lock them up. Lock up the Bidens. Can you imagine if my kids did what this guy Hunter is doing?

The “lock her up” chant was among the more controversial features of Donald Trump rallies in the 2016 presidential campaign, referring to claims that Democratic Party Clown Crooked Hillary Clinton had broken the law by using an illicit private email server during her tenure as Clown of State.

Lock Up the Crooked Corrupt Criminal Bidens

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