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Back to the Basement for Slow Joe Biden!

Back to the Basement for Slow Joe Biden

It was back to the basement for Slow Joe Biden — as President Donald Trump went into campaign overdrive.

Back to the Basement for Slow Joe Biden. With only 16 days to go before Election Day, amid an uproar over The Post’s expose of Criminal son Hunter’s shady foreign business deals and with a second debate face-off this week, Corrupt Creepy Senile Slow Joe Biden retreated to his Delaware home with no public events on his schedule — and a substantial but slightly slipping national polling lead in his pocket.

Meanwhile, the underdog president whipped up his troops Saturday at back-to-back rallies in two crucial battleground states, with two more of the raucous gatherings set for Sunday and a full slate of appearances this week that will have him hopscotching across the country.

The candidates’ plans for the penultimate weekend of the election season are polar opposites: while Donald Trump plans four mega-rallies in four battleground states, Corrupt Creepy Senile Slow Joe Biden will hold a single Sunday event in a still-undisclosed location in North Carolina.

“We’ve done everything we said, and more,” Donald Trump told cheering supporters at Muskegon County Airport in Muskegon, Mich. — one of the Democratic strongholds he won by a fraction of a percentage point in 2016.

“But Sleepy Joe has made a corrupt bargain: he has handed his party over to the hardcore militant left,” President Donald Trump said. “They crave power, and God help us if they ever did get it.”

Back to the Basement for Slow Joe Biden!


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