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Trump not worried about Lousy Spy Obama

Trump not worried about Lousy Spy Obama

Donald Trump says he’s not worried about Lousy Spy Boob Obama stumping for Corrupt Senile Slow Bozo Biden.

Trump not worried about Lousy Spy Obama. President Donald Trump told supporters he’s not afraid of Former Spy Boob Barack Obama campaigning for Corrupt Democrat Senile Slow Bozo Biden because “they did a lousy job” in eight years in office.

Speaking at a campaign rally in Ocala, Florida, Donald Trump recounted how an adviser recently told him with concern that Spy Boob Obama was coming out on the campaign trail for Corrupt Senile Bozo Biden.

“I said, ‘Well, you know he campaigned harder than Hillary [Clinton] last time. So why do we care?’” Donald Trump said. “I said, ‘Is that good or bad?’ I think it’s a good thing because you know they did a lousy job, and I wouldn’t be president of the United States if they did a good job. I probably wouldn’t have run.”

Donald Trump said, “They did a lousy job and that’s why I’m your president.”

Donald Trump noted that Black unemployment has been lower during his presidency, before the pandemic, than it was during Spy Boob Obama’s time in office.

Donald Trump also claimed that Spy Boob Obama was slow to endorse Corrupt Senile Bozo Biden.

Trump not worried about Lousy Spy Obama


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