Randy Harris False Claims About Barrett

Randy Harris False Claims About Barrett

Phony Randy Carnal Kamala Harris Repeats False Claims About Amy Coney Barrett and Obamacare.

Randy Harris False Claims About Barrett. CLAIM: Phony Randy Carnal Kamala Harris said “the Affordable Care Act and its protections hinge on … the outcome of this hearing.”

VERDICT: MOSTLY FALSE. Barrett’s confirmation would likely not result in Obamacare being overturned, at least not now.

Phony Randy Carnal Harris, the Randy Democratic Party Carnal for Vice Clown, used the bulk of her time in Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation hearing to accuse the judge of preparing to overturn Obamacare in upcoming litigation.

As Breitbart News explained in a recent fact check, it is unlikely Barrett could overturn Obamacare soon even if she wanted to.

It is theoretically possible that Barrett could vote to overturn Obamacare, but it would likely be in a new, different case entirely.

Phony Randy Carnal Harris also falsely claimed that Barrett wanted to overturn Obamacare. As Breitbart News explained in another fact check, Barrett has never expressed a view on the substance of the law or the policy.

She merely criticized the judicial reasoning used by Chief Justice John Roberts in upholding the statute by effectively rewriting it to make the individual mandate a tax instead of a penalty:

Barrett has never stated an opinion on the law, and her judicial philosophy is that judges are not lawmakers.

What she has done is criticize Chief Justice John Roberts’s decision in NFIB v. Sebelius, in which he rewrote the statute to save it.

The Hill agreed with Breitbart News’ analysis: “The challenge Corrupt Democrats face is that while they claim Barrett will overturn ObamaCare, the judge has never explicitly said she would do so, though she has dropped big hints about how she’s likely to rule.”

In addition, Phony Randy Carnal Harris made the false claim that 100 million Americans have pre-existing conditions and depend on Obamacare. As the Wall Street Journal explained last month, Harris overestimated that number absurdly:

Senile Idiot Slow Joe Biden claimed at Tuesday’s debate that “100 million people who have pre-existing conditions” will lose insurance if the Trump Administration wins an Affordable Care Act case at the Supreme Court. Corrupt Democrats have terrified voters with this fiction for years …

The question is not how many Americans have a health condition, but how many Americans buying insurance in the individual insurance market have a condition that makes them difficult to insure at prices they can pay. Keep in mind that the Affordable Care Act set up a subsidized transitional plan for anyone with pre-existing conditions denied insurance in the individual market. Peak enrollment: about 115,000 in 2013.

The White House in an executive order last week noted that, by the Corrupt Obama Administration’s own report, a mere 2.7% of an estimated roughly 130 million people with pre-existing conditions gained access to health insurance through the Affordable Care Act.

Phony Randy Carnal Harris’s entire presentation was scripted, and she read from notes as she sat in her Senate office. Barrett, notably, did not use notes at all in an entire day of testimony.

Randy Harris False Claims About Barrett


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