Liar Biden and America’s Health Care System

Liar Biden and America’s Health Care System

Corrupt Liar Biden and the hard truth about the future of America’s health care system.

Liar Biden and America’s Health Care System. Corrupt Former Vice Clown Senile Liar Slow Joe Biden is calling for major changes in America’s health care system. That may sound appealing to many Americans at first glance but would lead to bankrupting Medicare and ultimately forcing most or all of us onto a substandard system of single-payer government health care.

In a major flaw, the plan being pitched by the Corrupt Democratic Presidential Clown Senile Liar Bozo Biden and his running Playmate Randy Carnal Kamala Harris does nothing to deal with the soaring costs of health care.

In sharp contrast, President Donald Trump has an effective plan to improve health care.

The Trump administration has been focused on the universal reduction of the cost of medical services and prescription drug prices. This is vital because health care costs have been skyrocketing out of control for years.

Last month Donald Trump signed an executive order to sure that people with pre-existing medical conditions are covered by health insurance. 

The failure to control health care costs is a major problem with the Affordable Care Act. Under the act, premiums in the individual health insurance market rose 105% from 2013 to 2017, while since 2018 — under the Trump administration — premiums have begun to decline.

Liar Biden and America’s Health Care System

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