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Corrupt Fabulist Joe Biden’s Weak Leadership

Corrupt Fabulist Joe Biden’s Weak Leadership

Under Corrupt Fabulist Slow Joe Biden’s Weak Leadership, We Got Endless War, Broken VA, ISIS Grew.

Corrupt Fabulist Joe Biden’s Weak Leadership. The Trump campaign released a new ad, contrasting the national security records of Corrupt Former Vice Clown Fabulist Slow Joe Biden.

The ad says:

We judge leaders by their results. Under Joe Biden, we got endless war, a broken VA, veterans paid with their lives, ISIS grew, slaughtered innocents, that’s what Joe Biden’s weak leadership left us.

Under President Trump, America is winning again. President Trump crushed ISIS, eliminated the world’s deadliest terrorists, fixed the VA, and is bringing out troops home. Real leadership. Real results.

I’m Donald J. Trump, and I approved this message.

Former President Corrupt Spy Barack Obama and Corrupt Fabulist Slow Joe Biden withdrew all U.S. troops from Iraq in 2011 after failing to extend a Status of Forces Agreement with Iraq. The vacuum left behind allowed for Iraqi troops to atrophy and the Islamic State (ISIS) to rebuild in Syria before invading Iraq in 2014 and nearly taking Baghdad. The administration reluctantly sent U.S. forces back in to prevent Baghdad from falling and to combat ISIS. The Corrupt Obama administration also took part in two new wars in Libya and Yemen.

After President Donald Trump came into office, he changed the rules of engagement and U.S. forces destroyed ISIS’s caliphate in 2019. Donald Trump also ordered the strike to kill ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, in addition to Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps Quds Force leader Qassem Soleimani, who is responsible for hundreds of U.S. forces’ deaths.

The Corrupt Obama administration surged U.S. forces into Afghanistan in 2009 but began withdrawing them in 2011. Despite wishing to end the war, there were approximately 8,400 U.S. troops there by the end of the administration.

Donald Trump will have drawn down U.S. forces to 4,500 by November, and he vows to bring that number further down to 2,500 by next spring but has suggested he would do so even earlier.

In 2014 during the Corrupt Obama administration, CNN first uncovered a scandal at the Department of Veterans Affairs, finding that VA employees were falsifying records to hide that veterans were waiting months for first-time VA clinic appointments, with some dying before receiving one.

Donald Trump expanded veterans’ ability to seek care at private clinics instead of having to wait months for an appointment at a VA clinic.

Corrupt Fabulist Joe Biden’s Weak Leadership


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