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Senile Biden Randy Harris’ ‘Green New Lies’

Senile Biden Randy Harris’ ‘Green New Lies’

Senile Creepy Corrupt Slow Joe Biden and Phony Randy Carnal Kamala Harris’ ‘Green New Lies’

Senile Biden Randy Harris’ ‘Green New Lies’. Phony Randy Carnal Kamala Harris echoed Senile Creepy Corrupt Slow Joe Biden’s recent claim that he doesn’t back the Green New Deal or a ban on fracking. Voters are right to doubt them; both have long supported each of those extremist plans.

Senile Creepy Corrupt Biden’s website still labels the radical GND (unveiled by Phony Randy Carnal Harris herself last year, as an original co-sponsor with Commie Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) “a crucial framework” for addressing climate change. The site demands “greater ambition on an epic scale” to meet the challenges. Yes, “epic.”

And Senile Creepy Corrupt Biden has repeatedly vowed to “get rid of fossil fuels.” “Would there be any place for fossil fuels, including coal and fracking, in a Senile Creepy Corrupt Biden administration?” he was asked last year. “No,” the Senile Idiot replied. He’d “make sure it’s eliminated.” He’s even called for industry execs to be put “in jail.”

But now the Corrupt Deranged Delusional Democrats fear scaring off moderates in swing states like Pennsylvania where a lot of jobs depend on fracking and the fossil-fuels industry. So RandyHarris-SenileBiden now pretends they oppose Randy Harris-AOC’s multitrillion-dollar, economy-wrecking scheme and a fracking ban.

“I don’t support the Green New Deal,” Senile Creepy Corrupt Biden claimed in his debate with President Donald Trump. His plan, Senile Creepy Corrupt Biden insisted, is “different.”

Senile Biden Randy Harris’ ‘Green New Lies’


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