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Poll: Donald Trump BEATING Idiot Biden

Poll: Donald Trump BEATING Idiot Biden

US election poll: Donald Trump BEATING Corrupt Senile Idiot Biden despite being hospitalized with COVID.

Poll: Donald Trump BEATING Idiot Biden. DONALD TRUMP‘S illness with coronavirus has not impacted his push to win a second term in the White House, an exclusive poll has revealed.

The monthly Democracy Institute Sunday Express poll for the Presidential election shows that Donald Trump is still on course for victory with 46 percent of the popular support compared to his Corrupt Democrat Rival Senile Idiot Slow Joe Biden’s 45 percent.

The poll was completed after the news broke that President Donald Trump and his wife Melania have been infected by Covid-19.

But 68 percent said the illness would not affect their vote while 19 percent said they were “more likely” to support Donald Trump and only 13 percent “less likely”.

Almost two-thirds said they felt sympathy and concern for Donald Trump while 38 percent said him getting the disease was “karma” is an indication of the current divisive nature of US politics.

Crucially, Donald Trump’s lead in key swing states including Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin remains at 4 percent by 47 percent 43 percent.

This gives a projected Electoral College split of 320 to Donald Trump and 218 to Corrupt Creepy Senile Idiot Slow Joe Biden.

Poll: Donald Trump BEATING Idiot Biden


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