Sleazebag Slow Biden Pulls Negative Ads

Sleazebag Slow Biden Pulls Negative Ads

Sleazebag Senile Slow Bozo Biden pulls negative ads as Donald Trump battles coronavirus.

Sleazebag Slow Biden Pulls Negative Ads. Corrupt Sleazebag Senile Slow Joe Biden’s campaign is pulling negative ads from the air for the time being in light of Donald Trump’s positive coronavirus diagnosis.

The decision was reportedly made before news broke that Donald Trump was being transported to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for several days. The Trump campaign signaled it was not about to do the same.

“Joe Biden used his speech in Michigan today to attack the president repeatedly on Social Security, the economy, and job creation,” said Donald Trump campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh. “Now Biden wants credit for being magnanimous?”

Democratic Vice Presidential Clown Randy Carnal Kamala Harris attended a virtual fundraiser with Former Spy President Barack Obama and spoke at a “drive-in” rally in Las Vegas.

Corrupt Spy Obama and Randy Carnal Harris kicked off the fundraiser by extending their best wishes to Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump, who also tested positive for the virus.

Donald trump’s team sent out a fundraising email blast around the time the fundraiser was going on that said “Lyin’ Obama” and “Phony Kamala Harris” were teaming up with “Liberal MEGA DONORS” to try to bail out Sleazebag Senile Slow Bozo Biden’s campaign.

The email said Sleazebag Senile Slow Bozo Biden, who as Mr. Murtaugh indicated was in Michigan, was “probably already asleep in his basement.”

Sleazebag Slow Biden Pulls Negative Ads


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