Senile Bozo Biden Debate a Torrent of Lies

Senile Bozo Biden Debate a Torrent of Lies

Corrupt Senile Sleazebag Bozo Biden Spent the First Debate Flooding America with a Torrent of Lies.

Senile Bozo Biden Debate a Torrent of Lies. Corrupt Democrat Presidential Clown Senile Slow Joe Biden took the stage with a simple political task: prove to the American people that the Senile Idiot is more than “Basement Joe” — the Corrupt Senile Bozo needed to show that he has the temperament, mental acuity, physical stamina, and strength of character to be president.

Instead, Corrupt Senile Sleazebag Biden let loose an unprecedented torrent of lies and insults, yelling “shut up” when asked to articulate his views on the Supreme Court.

Corrupt Senile Sleazebag Biden lies unnecessarily, habitually, and without hesitation. When caught lying, the Senile Idiot responds with nasty personal attacks.

Even more galling, Corrupt Senile Sleazebag Bozo Biden lies about things that he shouldn’t because they are easily checkable. There are publicly available facts that refute his data.

Take his claim about Donald Trump’s taxes. The Corrupt Senile Idiot repeated the widespread lie that Donald Trump paid only $750 in taxes in each of the first two years of his presidency. In fact, Donald Trump paid millions but later claimed he had overpaid and only owed $750 — and that’s according to the Fake News New York Times.

Even more bizarrely, Corrupt Senile Sleazebag Bozo Biden went on to claim that Donald Trump was able to avoid taxes because of changes Donald Trump made to the tax code.

“Look, the tax code that put him in a position that he pays less tax than on the money a school teacher makes is because of him,” Senile Sleazebag Biden said.

But Donald Trump’s changes did not take effect until 2018 and would not have been filed until 2019. The Fake News New York Times story on Donald Trump’s taxes covered only the years 2000-2017.

In other words, the Trump tax returns in question pre-date any Trump administration reforms of the tax code. Whatever provisions Donald Trump employs to reduce his tax burden were in place while Senile Sleazebag Biden was a U.S. Corrupt Senator and Vice Clown.

Donald Trump tried to call Corrupt Senile Sleazebag Bozo Biden out on this, asking why the Corrupt Idiot hadn’t done anything about the tax code for all those years. Corrupt Bozo Biden responds by going ballistic.

Donald Trump: Why didn’t you do it over the last 25 years?
Bozo Biden: Because you weren’t the president and screwing things up.
Donald Trump: You were a Senator and [crosstalk]
Bozo Biden:  You’re the worst president America has ever had. Come on.

Corrupt Senile Sleazebag Bozo Biden unleashed falsehoods from his Corrupt Mouth like an undead hydra spewing forth a toxic vomit cloud. His voice is a wheezy breath weapon that turns every subject it touches into lies.

Senile Bozo Biden Debate a Torrent of Lies

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