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Full-Time Idiot Bozo Biden And The Debate

Full-Time Idiot Bozo Biden And The Debate

Full-Time Idiot Slow Bozo Biden and the debate – this could shake up the race as the Corrupt Senile Former VP finally gets grilled.

Full-Time Idiot Bozo Biden and the Debate. Full-Time Idiot Senile Slow Joe Biden will finally – finally – be forced to answer tough questions from a non-sycophant newsman.

Can the Corrupt Senile Full-Time Idiot Democrat Clown survive 90 minutes of an unscripted, fast-paced presidential debate without claiming to have been in the Senate for 180 years or putting the COVID-19 death toll at 200 million Americans, goofs he has made in recent days? Can the Senile Full-Time Idiot endure the challenges sure to come from Donald Trump without wandering off into the ether?

That is the question, the elephant in the room.

The spotlight will be on Full-Time Idiot Bozo Biden. Voters know Donald Trump. They have seen him at rallies, at press gaggles, in interviews; for better or worse, they know what to expect.

They do not know Full-Time Idiot Bozo Biden 3.0, now in his third presidential campaign. The Senile Corrupt Idiot has engaged in very few give-and-takes with reporters or even with donors.

For months, Republicans have looked forward to the presidential debates, eager for the nation to see the Corrupt Democrat Clown  Full-Time Idiot Slow Joe Biden naked, without his teleprompter.

Donald Trump supporters may be disappointed if they anticipate an epic collapse from Full-Time Idiot Bozo Biden. 

The Corrupt Senile Democrat has prepped for days for the debate, and the Corrupt Senile Idiot can most likely endure a short exposure without embarrassing himself.

Full-Time Idiot Bozo Biden And The Debate


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