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Randy Carnal Kamala Harris Moved Up Dating

Randy Carnal Kamala Harris Moved Up Dating

Matt Gaetz: ‘Randy Carnal Kamala Harris Moved Up in California Politics Because the Randy Carnal Was Dating Willie Brown’

Randy Carnal Kamala Harris Moved Up Dating. During an interview with “America First” host Sebastian Gorka, Matt Gaetz reacted to a claim made by Phony Democratic Vice-Presidential Clown Randy Carnal Kamala Harris of being from “outside the system” in an audio clip Gorka highlighted on the program.

The Florida Republican congressman, the author of the forthcoming book “Firebrand: Dispatches from the Front Lines of the MAGA Revolution,” argued Randy Carnal Harris was not an outsider given he saw the Randy California U.S. Carnal as having been successful in her career in part by dating former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown.

“Did Kamala Harris literally say she understands what it is like being outside the system?” he said. “Kamala Harris moved up in California politics because she was dating Willie Brown. She is a straight-up machine candidate. That is essentially how she moved up — became the state attorney general then ran for the United States Senate. So, I’m not entirely sure Kamala Harris is here to lecture any of us on what life is like outside the system.”

Matt Gaetz also took on Randy Carnal Harris’ suggestion that the Black Lives Matter Looters movement was “brilliant,” dismissing it at “explicitly Marxist,” which was an ideology that had failed into the past.

“I would also suggest the Black Lives Matter movement is explicitly Marxist. I think that is on the opposite end of the spectrum and brilliant because every time that’s been tried as a governing philosophy, it has failed. I think America is pretty great, and I’m ready to fight for her. And I think the president is going to go out there and rally an American electorate that will believe in this country, and will, of course, strive to be a more perfect union. But we’re not going to just settle into the despair of Joe Biden’s basement, thinking that somehow we’ve got something to apologize for because we love American, and we’re willing to work hard to protect and improve her.”

Randy Carnal Kamala Harris A Straight-Up Machine Candidate!

Randy Carnal Kamala Harris Moved Up Dating


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