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Idiot Biden Wears Mask For Remote Interview

Idiot Biden Wears Mask For Remote Interview

Corrupt Creepy Idiot Joe Biden wore a mask for a remote interview with a local Wisconsin ABC affiliate, for reasons that remain unclear.

Idiot Biden Wears Mask for Remote Interview. The mask is meant to prevent transmission of coronavirus to other people within a close radius, but Corrupt Creepy Sleepy Slow Idiot Biden and reporter Brittany Schmidt from Green Bay’s WBAY appeared not to be in the same room. Schmidt was maskless.

The interview appeared to be carried over Zoom or similar remote conferencing technology.

Corrupt Creepy Sleepy Slow Idiot Biden was speaking from Manitowoc, Wisconsin, after touring the Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry and delivering a speech attacking Donald Trump.

The speech itself had been “socially distant,” with no one in attendance other than the press, who were required to sit within circles marked on the floor. Corrupt Creepy Idiot Biden wore a mask for that, too.

Though Corrupt Creepy Idiot Biden has said he would, if elected president, let science guide his response to the coronavirus pandemic, there is no science that suggests a risk of transmitting coronavirus over the Internet.

Symbolism, rather than science, appeared to guide Corrupt Creepy Idiot Biden’s use of the mask as a prop, as the Corrupt Idiot attacked Donald Trump, suggesting that the president was placing his own supporters in mortal danger at campaign rallies.

“We just watched him hold an indoor rally with thousands of people, many of whom weren’t wearing masks despite the clear evidence that we’re putting every one of those people’s lives at risk,” Corrupt Creepy Idiot Biden said.

The Corrupt Former Vice Clown appeared to be referring to Donald Trump’s recent rally in Henderson, Nevada, last week, which was held indoors. Donald Trump has said the state’s Corrupt Deranged Democratic governor left his campaign no choice after denying permission for the use of outdoor venues.

Donald Trump’s campaign spokesman Tim Murtaugh said: “If you can join tens of thousands of people protesting in the streets, gamble in a casino, or burn down small businesses in riots, you can gather peacefully under the 1st Amendment to hear from the President of the United States.”

Idiot Biden Wears Mask For Remote Interview
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