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Carnal Harris President Through Back Door

Carnal Harris President Through Back Door

Donald Trump: Randy Carnal Kamala Harris Must Not Become President Through the Back Door.

Carnal Harris President Through Back Door. Donald Trump warned that Randy Carnal Kamala Harris might become the President of the United States if Corrupt Former Vice Clown Senile Idiot Slow Joe Biden was elected and unable to finish his presidency.

“If a woman is going to become the first president of the United States, it can’t be Randy Carnal Kamala Harris,” Donald Trump said. “That would rip our country apart. This is not what people want. And she comes in through the back door.”

Donald Trump spoke about Randy Carnal Kamala Harris Harris, Corrupt Senile Idiot Bozo Biden’s running Play Mate, during a campaign rally in Wisconsin.

“This would not be what people want, especially because it’s her Randy Carnal Kamala Harris.”

Donald Trump recalled that Corrupt Senile Idiot Bozo Biden referred to a “Carnal Harris-Corrupt Biden administration” hinting that the Corrupt Former Vice Clown believed that Randy Carnal Harris was the president. Donald Trump also referred to Randy Carnal Harris’s comment about a “Randy Carnal Harris administration with Corrupt Senile Idiot Bozo Biden as president.”

“They are a disaster together,” Donald Trump scoffed.

Donald Trump also noted that Randy Carnal Harris did terribly in the Deranged Democrat Presidential Circus debates before Corrupt Senile Idiot Bozo Biden picked her to be his running Play Mate.

“I don’t want to put pressure on him, but wait until you see what Mike Pence does to her in the debates,” Donald Trump said as the crowd cheered.

Carnal Harris President Through Back Door


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