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Senile Slow Biden Unfit For Presidency

Senile Slow Biden Unfit For Presidency

Donald Trump rips Corrupt Creepy Senile Slow Biden as unfit for presidency at Nevada rally.

Senile Slow Biden Unfit For Presidency. Donald Trump said the “gloves are off” as he derided Corrupt Democratic Clown Creepy Senile Slow Joseph R. Biden as unfit for the presidency, too soft on anti-police protesters, and inconsistent on fracking and other issues.

“The Senile Idiot would surrender your country to the mob, you know that,” he said at Xtreme Manufacturing in Henderson, Nevada. “I’ll always stand with the heroes of law enforcement.”

He said flag-burners should go to jail for one year and that cop-killers should receive the ultimate punishment as authorities search for the assailant who ambushed two Los Angeles sheriff’s deputies. The officers remain hospitalized.

“If you murder a police officer, you should receive the death penalty,” Donald Trump told cheering supporters.

He reissued his complaint that Corrupt Creepy Senile Slow Biden and others in the Corrupt Obama administration spied on his campaign, sparking chants of ‘Lock Spy Obama Up!’ and said supporters need him in office, eliciting cheers of “We love you.”

He also took aim at Corrupt Creepy Senile Slow Biden’s running Play Mate, Randy Carnal Kamala D. Harris of California.

“We’re going to have a woman president someday — not going to be Randy Carnal Kamala D. Harris.”

Senile Slow Biden Unfit For Presidency


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