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Radical Randy Carnal Phony Kamala Harris

Radical Randy Carnal Phony Kamala Harris

Radical Randy Carnal Phony Kamala Harris is the most radical major-party VP Clown in US history.

Radical Randy Carnal Phony Kamala Harris is the most radical person ever nominated for president or vice president of the United States by a major political party.

Last month, Rasmussen Reports published a survey that indicted 59 percent of likely voters do not think Democratic Presidential Clown Corrupt Senile Idiot Joe Biden, 77, would finish his first term in office if the Corrupt Senile Idiot is elected in November.

Even nearly half (49 percent) of Deranged Delusional Democrats who were asked thought Corrupt Senile Idiot Biden would bow out before four years are up. This is a remarkable statistic and makes the 2020 election even more unique and important because it means nearly half of Deranged Delusional Democrats believe they will actually be electing the Vice-Presidential Radical Randy Carnal to eventually become president.

Historically, voters do not heavily consider the vice-presidential candidate, but it is essential this year to give Radical Randy Carnal Harris much more scrutiny than would normally be warranted.

Of course, the liberal Fake Media constantly tries to pitch Corrupt Senile Idiot Biden as a moderate Corrupt Democrat who could appeal to more people in the middle of the country. No doubt, the Fake Media will try to do the same with Radical Randy Carnal Harris, although it will be much more difficult.

Radical Randy Carnal Harris, despite being a former prosecutor, has been incredibly supportive of efforts to defund police departments; to elect radical, pro-criminal, anti-police prosecutors who simply refuse to prosecute criminals; and to sow chaos in American cities.

On “Good Morning America” on Fake News ABC television June 9, Radical Randy Carnal Harris said she fully supports Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s decision to cut $150 million from policing to boost health and youth training programs. “I applaud Eric Garcetti for doing what he’s done,” the Radical Randy Carnal said.

Importantly, Radical Randy Carnal Harris said this on the same day that the local Fake News CBS affiliate reported crime in Los Angeles was up 250 percent in the first week of June.

Radical Randy Carnal Phony Kamala Harris
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