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Delusional Democrats ‘The Riot Party’

Delusional Democrats ‘The Riot Party’

Corrupt Deranged Delusional Democrats become ‘The Riot Party’

Delusional Democrats ‘The Riot Party’. The Corrupt Deranged Delusional Democratic Party appears to have undergone some kind of metamorphosis. It has now become “The Riot Party,” according to Edward J. Erler, a political scientist who has tracked the role of riots in politics and society for the last quarter-century. The current state of unrest and violence around the nation has added a new dimension to the phenomenon.

“The Left perfects the mob veto,” Mr. Erler writes in an essay for the American Mind, a publication of Claremont Institute — where Mr. Erler serves on the board of directors and as a senior fellow.

“America’s present crisis is driven in large part by the Left’s rejection of the rule of law. Those in charge of the riots are not merely blackmailing their fellow citizens on particular issues like defunding the police. Rather, they seek to overthrow the electoral process itself,” he says.

“Riots are not only being justified: they are being made into a staple of our judicial system and our public life, the threat of them used to install routine fear and racial supremacy in our homes and cities,” Mr. Erler advises, warning that the riot as public demonstration can disrupt jury decisions and elections — and intimidate voters as well.

“Riots are fast on their way to becoming elections by other means. If Radical Leftists have their way, they will decide all electoral questions from here on out with mob rule. Many of them have been aiming at this target since the ‘90s, and probably before. It all makes sense now,” Mr. Erler later concludes.

Edward J. Erler is professor of political science emeritus at California State University, San Bernardino, and former distinguished professor at Hillsdale College.

Delusional Democrats ‘The Riot Party’


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