Senile Idiot Biden Flip-Flops On Fracking

Senile Idiot Biden Flip-Flops On Fracking

Corrupt Senile Idiot Bozo Biden suddenly flip-flops on fracking, but his Corrupt Radical Left Administration would cripple American energy.

Senile Idiot Biden Flip-Flops On Fracking. Former Vice Clown Corrupt Senile Idiot Slow Joe Biden and his running Play Mate Randy Carnal Phony Kamala Harris have been very clear – for years — on their policy positions when it comes to energy. The Corrupt Radical Idiots want to end fracking, upend America’s energy independence, and kill high-paying jobs for thousands of Americans.

The two Corrupt Deranged Delusional Democrats realize that is not a palatable message in a politically important swing state like Pennsylvania, so Corrupt Senile Idiot Bozo Biden is suddenly trying to walk back his numerous promises to end fracking.

“I am not banning fracking… no matter how many times Donald Trump lies about me,” Corrupt Senile Idiot Biden said confidently on August 31 to supporters in Pittsburgh. But don’t let the Corrupt Idiot fool you!

During a primary debate in March against Commie Bernie Sanders when his audience was not Western Pennsylvania, Corrupt Senile Biden agreed with Commie Sanders’s fracking ban legislation. “No more – no new fracking,” Corrupt Senile Biden chirped.

That shouldn’t surprise anyone. Months before, he “guaranteed” a young woman in New Hampshire that he would “end fossil fuels” if the Senile Idiot became president.

His running Play Mate, Randy Carnal Harris echoed a similar sentiment in a primary debate broadcast on Fake News CNN, “There’s no question I’m in favor of banning fracking.” Instead of embracing the Green New Deal, Randy Carnal Harris may want to focus on keeping her constituents’ power on, considering the rolling blackouts affecting millions of Californians this summer.

Why would Senile Idiot Biden backpedal on his promises in Pittsburgh? The clearest answer is that hundreds of thousands of families in Pennsylvania depend on the oil and gas industry directly or indirectly to make a living.

A Corrupt Senile Idiot Slow Biden administration – and the Radical Corrupt Idiots who would openly align with it – would cripple American energy, no matter how many times the Senile Corrupt Idiot dances around the subject.

Senile Idiot Biden Flip-Flops On Fracking

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