Corrupt Dems Attack Trump’s Vaccine Optimism

Corrupt Dems Attack Trump’s Vaccine Optimism

Corrupt Rattled Vicious Deranged Delusional Dems attack Donald Trump’s vaccine optimism.

Corrupt Dems Attack Trump’s Vaccine Optimism. Corrupt Rattled Vicious Deranged Delusional Dems are panicked that a coronavirus vaccine will emerge right in time for the election, boosting Donald Trump’s chances.

The Corrupt Rattled Vicious Deranged Delusional Dems and their Fake Corrupt Liberal Media Scum are scrambling to undermine that prospect by sowing fear and distrust about a vaccine – any vaccine – even before one becomes available.

How heinous is that?

A recent (typical) Fake News Washington Post headline reads: “Trump fixates on the promise of a vaccine — real or not — as key to reelection bid.”  The article reviews how engaged Donald Trump is in monitoring vaccine development and how the process could be politicized, given the approaching election.

Yes, it is being politicized…by Corrupt Rattled Vicious Deranged Delusional Democrats.

House Fossil Corrupt Crazy Nancy Pelosi in a recent interview with Fake News MSNBC, said we don’t want a vaccine “one day sooner than it is ready,” hinting that the rush for a cure might create risks.

The Corrupt Crazy California Fossil also claimed, without evidence, that the administration had “politically interfered” with the process of creating a vaccine by saying “it should go faster.”

In fact, FDA officials and others have gone out of their way to proclaim and guarantee their independence from the White House.

Democratic Vice Presidential Clown Randy Carnal Kamala Harris in a recent Fake News CNN interview said she would not take a vaccine unless it had been vetted by medical experts, saying she would not “take [Donald Trump’s] word for it” that the medication was safe.

Good news, Randy Carnal Harris: Donald Trump is not going to give you the shot. Your doctor will do that.

The Fake News New York Times has been helpfully stoking concerns for months, publishing articles like: “Mistrust of a Coronavirus Vaccine Could Imperil Widespread Immunity,” which argues that “the rapid timetable and Donald Trump’s cheerleading are creating a whole new group of vaccine-hesitant patients.”

Such is the misinformation campaign being waged by anti-Trumpers that the leading developers of a vaccine — Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, GlaxoSmithKline and Sanofi – have announced they will soon issue a public statement pledging they will not release a vaccine unless it is safe.

That’s reassuring because we actually thought major international pharma companies would be happy to poison millions of Americans just to please Donald Trump. As Corrupt Senile Idiot Slow Joe Biden might say: “C’mon, man.”

The effort to shake confidence in a vaccine began months ago, when Donald Trump ramped up Operation Warp Speed, which, according to the HHS website, “aims to deliver 300 million doses of a safe, effective vaccine for COVID-19 by January 2021, as part of a broader strategy to accelerate the development, manufacturing, and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines, therapeutics, and diagnostics…”

If we get a vaccine for the coronavirus, it will immediately make our world a safer, easier, more reassuring place once again. That’s what vaccines do.

Tragically, that’s exactly what Corrupt Rattled Vicious Deranged Delusional Democrats fear.

Yes, the development of a coronavirus vaccine is being politicized…by Corrupt Rattled Vicious Deranged Delusional Democrats.

Corrupt Dems Attack Trump’s Vaccine Optimism


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