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Corrupt Biden’s New Nickname: Joe Hiden

Corrupt Biden’s New Nickname: Joe Hiden

Donald Trump taunted his Corrupt Democratic Creepy Senile Opponent with a new nickname: Joe Hiden.

Corrupt Biden’s New Nickname: Joe Hiden. “Can you believe what’s happening!?” Donald Trump tweeted, with a link to Breitbart. “They give Joe Hiden’ the questions, and he reads them an answer!”

In the story, the Donald Trump campaign accuses Corrupt Creepy Sleepy Senile Slow Joe Biden of accidentally reading an instructional note from a teleprompter as the Corrupt Creepy Idiot answered questions in an interview.

In an interview set to air Sunday with NBC 6 anchor Jackie Nespral, Corrupt Creepy Idiot Biden discussed Latin American diplomacy, bashing Donald Trump’s policy in Venezuela, before reading the “topline message.”

“I understand that Cuba along with Russia and China has contributed to the political impasse in Venezuela as well. What’s the president doing? Look, Venezuela topline message is President Trump’s policy is an abject failure,” Corrupt Creepy Idiot Biden said.

Donald Trump has repeatedly knocked Corrupt Creepy Idiot Biden for spending a large portion of his campaign at his home in Delaware amidst the pandemic. Donald Trump and his supporters accuse Corrupt Creepy Idiot Biden of hiding in his basement while the left-wing of his Corrupt Deranged Party calls all the shots.

“Somebody like Biden, he doesn’t know what to do,” Donald Trump said. “He doesn’t come out because he can’t. He doesn’t take any questions from reporters. … This guy doesn’t come out of his basement, and he hasn’t taken one question.”

Corrupt Creepy Idiot Biden made a campaign stop in Pittsburgh last weekend after previously saying he would likely not hit the campaign trail again until after Labor Day.

“Joe Biden is coming out of the basement earlier than his hoped-for ten days because his people told him he has no choice, his poll numbers are PLUNGING!” Donald Trump tweeted. “Going to Pittsburgh, where I have helped industry to a record last year, & then back to his  basement for an extended period…”

Donald Trump has knocked Corrupt Creepy Sleepy Senile Slow Bozo Biden for spending a large portion of his campaign at his home in Delaware.

Corrupt Biden’s New Nickname: Joe Hiden


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