Corrupt Idiot Biden Would Sit By Amid Riots

Corrupt Idiot Biden Would Sit By Amid Riots

Cops: Corrupt Senile Creepy Idiot Bozo Joe Biden would sit by amid riots.

Corrupt Idiot Biden Would Sit By Amid Riots. The Donald Trump campaign and its law enforcement surrogates accused Former Vice Clown Corrupt Senile Creepy Idiot Bozo Biden of being an “apologist” who refuses to condemn rioting and will be “led around by the nose” by leftist activists and undercut police who must grapple with the mayhem.

“He’ll still sit by. Donald Trump will act, and he has acted,” said Michael T. Slupe, the sheriff of Butler County, Pennsylvania. “These are not peaceful protesters. These are criminals.”

He also dinged Corrupt Senile Creepy Idiot Biden, Vice Presidential Clown Randy Carnal Phony Kamala Harris, and their supporters over a bail fund set up for protesters after the initial protest in the wake of George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis.

“If they committed a crime they committed a crime. Let justice prevail,” the sheriff said.

Patrick J. Lynch, president of the New York City Police Benevolent Association, repeatedly highlighted Corrupt Deranged Delusional Democratic leadership in cities facing unrest and argued Corrupt Senile Creepy Idiot Biden wants a “soft touch” on crime instead of fully backing police officers.

“The police are put in the difficult position of clashing with these rioters,” Mr. Lynch said.

Their comments were a rebuttal to Corrupt Senile Idiot Biden’s plans to address the unrest in cities like Portland, Oregon, during an address in Pittsburgh later Monday.

The Corrupt Senile Vice Clown will say Donald Trump is incapable of quelling the unrest that is unfolding during his presidency and has decided to sow “chaos” instead of addressing it.

Corrupt Senile Idiot Biden was born in the Keystone State, which is viewed by both campaigns as a vital prize on Nov. 3.

Pennsylvania is a key state. I was key in 2016 and it will be key in 2020,” Donald Trump campaign spokesman Tim Murtaugh said.

Mr. Murtaugh said Donald Trump “has great confidence he will win it again.”

Donald Trump campaign senior adviser Jason Miller charged that Corrupt Senile Idiot Biden is scheduling campaign trips because the Corrupt Idiot is “rattled” and hitting the “panic button” over a tightening race and perceptions of the riots.

“This is the only reason that Corrupt Senile Idiot Biden is leaving his Delaware basement,” Mr. Miller said.

The Donald Trump campaign has repeatedly slammed Corrupt Senile Idiot Biden as soft on crime and beholden to far-left activists who want to “defund the police” to spread money around to other social priorities and programs.

Donald Trump has never condoned violence of any kind.

Corrupt Idiot Biden Would Sit By Amid Riots


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