Dems Drowning in the Riptide of Radicalism

Dems Drowning in the Riptide of Radicalism

Delusional Deranged Dems drowning in the riptide of radicalism: ‘They have nothing to offer the voters’

Dems Drowning in the Riptide of Radicalism. Now that both major party conventions have wrapped up, Americans are grappling with “a tale of two futures,” Laura Ingraham said.

“The Corrupt Delusional Deranged Democrats were trying to convince you that poor old Corrupt Senile Rapist Joe Biden should be put in charge,” the “Ingraham Angle” host said. “They refused to address the rabid donkey in the room: The violence playing out in blue cities, the Portland riots and destruction and looting in Chicago. Did they think people would not see the video on social media of all of the burning?”

Ingraham said the Corrupt Delusional Deranged Democratic Party had made a “calculated decision” to ignore the violence in the hope that it would drive Donald Trump‘s numbers into the ground. However, Fake News CNN Moron Don Lemon “let it slip” this week that the latest unrest — this time following the police shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wis. — “has to stop” because it was “showing up in the polling.”

At that point, Ingraham said, “Corrupt Senile Rapist Biden and Randy Carnal Kamala tried to turn the Titanic around.”

After playing clips of both Deranged Candidates calling out the violence, the host described their efforts as desperate and delusional.

“Too bad Corrupt Senile Rapist Biden and Randy Carnal Kamala Harris didn’t have an entire convention week to condemn the riots,” she said. “Wait, they did.”

Ingraham further wondered aloud whether Corrupt Senile Rapist Biden approved of the scenes outside the White House on the final night of the Republican National Convention Thursday, as anti-Trump protesters confronted, berated and harassed convention attendees as they left the White House grounds.

“I actually don’t believe that poor old Corrupt Senile Rapist Joe likes these scenes … but he’s too weak to stop it,” she said. “By the same token, I think a lot of Corrupt Delusional Deranged Democrats are embarrassed about the party’s unsavory alliances, their devil’s bargain with their donor class, outsourcing American jobs and placating China. They chose Corrupt Senile Rapist Joe Biden, one of the weakest candidates in modern history, as their nominee.

“A riptide of radicalism is drowning the Corrupt Delusional Deranged Democrats. They have nothing to offer the voters.”

Dems Drowning in the Riptide of Radicalism

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