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Wicked Pelosi Dems Sabotaging Recovery

Wicked Pelosi Dems Sabotaging Recovery

 Congressman Kevin Brady: Crazy Fossil Wicked Pelosi and the Corrupt Vicious Dems are Sabotaging the Coronavirus Recovery Efforts.

Wicked Pelosi Dems Sabotaging Recovery. Congressman Kevin Brady joined SiriusXM host Alex Marlow on Breitbart News Daily where he claimed the Corrupt Fossil of the House Crazy Wicked Nancy Pelosi was attempting to sabotage efforts to recover amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“The short answer is very, very well,” Brady said when asked how recovery efforts in Texas were doing. “Phase 1 and Phase 2 went really well.”

Brady also noted the hospitalization numbers, which he said have dropped significantly. “We’ve bent the curve on the number of hospitalizations.”

“If this were a fight, a boxing match, between Corrupt Senile Rapist Gaffe King Joe Biden and Donald Trump about who can recover this economy and get people back their jobs, this would be a first-round knockout for Donald Trump,” Brady said, noting Donald Trump’s accomplishments on tax reform and claiming Corrupt Senile Rapist Gaffe King Joe Biden and former Corrupt President Boob Barack Obama’s economic recovery was the “slowest in our lifetime.”

“Growth was slow, paychecks were flat for all eight years,” Brady continued. “Every month we saw another U.S. company move their jobs in manufacturing overseas. And when Corrupt Senile Rapist Gaffe King Joe Biden was leaving office, most Americans thought they were still in a recession. Donald Trump changed all of that.”

“The Corrupt Vicious Democrats, unfortunately, I think in Congress, what I’ve seen is Crazy Fossil Wicked Nancy Pelosi sabotaging this recovery, the refusal to extend our paycheck protection program for small businesses and helping our workers reconnect with their jobs,” Brady said, adding that Republicans want to make sure those that are unemployed now are not “permanently unemployed.”

Brady went on to say that the Corrupt Vicious Democrats are not “interested” in recovering America’s economy under Donald Trump’s leadership.

“[Corrupt Vicious Democrats] are not interested, unfortunately, in getting this economy back, up to strength,” Brady said. “Look, we’ve already passed the largest emergency aid package in American history through those first four bills. What we need now is not trillions more, just good, smart economic policy made a part of that.”

To listen to Brady’s full interview on America’s recovery efforts and the Corrupt Vicious Democrat refusal, click here.

Wicked Pelosi Dems Sabotaging Recovery
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