Senile Bozo Biden Basement Strategy

Senile Bozo Biden Basement Strategy

Deranged Delusional Dems weigh ditching ‘Senile Bozo Biden basement strategy’ for battleground-states swing.

Senile Bozo Biden Basement Strategy. Phony Democratic Vice Randy Nominee Carnal  Kamala Harris returned to the virtual campaign trail Wednesday, but that might not be good enough for some in her Corrupt Party who say the ticket eventually must emerge from the cloistered confines of Delaware and do some in-person retail politicking.

Phony Randy Carnal Harris was supposed to pre-but President Trump’s Republican National Convention address in a speech from Washington, D.C., but it’s unclear when the Phony Randy Carnal or Democratic Presidential Idiot Corrupt Senile Rapist Bozo Biden will resume larger in-person events that have been put on hold indefinitely due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“They need to start pretty soon,” Failed Democratic strategist Moron Brad Bannon said.

Moron Bannon said Corrupt Senile Rapist Bozo Biden’s “laissez-faire campaign” to let Donald Trump self-immolate has worked like gangbusters so far, but sooner or later the Corrupt Democratic Idiots need to get out to battleground states.

“Labor Day would be a good opportunity for them to do some sort of joint appearance,” Moron Bannon said. “I think there are ways of doing it. I think they will do it in the battleground states.”

By contrast, Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence have been out on the hustings with recent in-person events in battlegrounds including Wisconsin, Arizona, and Pennsylvania.

Jim McLaughlin, a pollster for Donald Trump, said Corrupt Senile Rapist Bozo Biden’s staying off the campaign trail is an insult to Americans.

Senile Bozo Biden Basement Strategy


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