Republican Betrayers For Corrupt Biden

Republican Betrayers For Corrupt Biden

Beware: Republican Betrayers for Corrupt Rapist Senile Biden get a warning!

Republican Betrayers For Corrupt Biden. Some very vocal, high-profile Republican Betrayers have turned against Donald Trump in favor of Democratic Presidential Clown Corrupt Rapist Senile Biden. The Betrayers have organized and branded themselves; they issue slick press releases and make public comments; their numbers include former lawmakers, governors, and national security officials.

But wait. Some say these Donald Trump-adverse Republican Betrayers may be clueless. Their newfound hero may not turn out to be who — or what — they have envisioned. Beware.

“How do these Republicans know Biden will ‘reach across the aisle’? The Betrayers don’t. Their gullibility and naivete are a wonder to behold. The truth is, there’s absolutely no reason whatsoever to believe Corrupt Rapist Senile Biden would stay in the center,” advises an Issues & Insights editorial.

“A Corrupt Rapist Senile Biden win will surely bring with it a Corrupt Democratic-controlled House and Senate. We already know what will happen next, since it’s happened before. After Sex Predator Bill Clinton ran as a moderate, he immediately veered left upon taking office, raised taxes he’d promised to cut, and tried to impose CrookedHillaryCare on the nation. After Corrupt Boob Barack Obama wooed Republicans with his calm demeanor, his seemingly sensible positions, and the sharp crease in his pants, he spent the first two years imposing BoobObamaCare and the economy-crushing Dodd-Frank on the nation,” the editorial continues.

“One of the worst features of the Republican Betrayers for Corrupt Rapist Senile Biden contingent, however, is the fact that they are excusing the Corrupt Democrats’ behavior over the past four years. Donald Trump may be boorish — the country knew that when it elected him four years ago. But that’s not why Corrupt Democrats refused to acknowledge his presidency, tried to railroad him on bogus Russia conspiracy charges, and condoned violence against Donald Trump supporters,” Issues & Insight claims.

Donald Trump’s nimble campaign continues to organize voter coalitions which reflect an emerging and unique diversity among Donald Trump fans. The campaign already boasts 24 organizations for military vets, pro-lifers, Hindus, Black Americans, Hispanic Americans, mothers, Muslims, Greek Americans, lawyers, Indian Americans, ranchers, and Catholics — to name a few. A bunch more have arrived.

The campaign has added another 13 special outreach organizations, and here they are Albanian Americans for Trump, Assyrians for Trump, Chaldeans for Trump, Firefighters for Trump, German Americans for Trump, Gun Owners for Trump, Italian Americans for Trump, Medical Professionals for Trump, Polish Americans for Trump, Serbian Americans for Trump, Truckers for Trump, Ukrainian Americans for Trump and Trump Pride — which has a 20-person advisory board that includes Richard Grenell, former acting Director of National Intelligence.

Diverse groups are coming together to support Donald Trump and his promise of economic empowerment, personal liberty, and the American Dream.

Republican Betrayers For Corrupt Biden

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