Abuse of Power by America's Progressive Elite

What Will Corrupt Biden Build Back Better?

What Will Corrupt Biden Build Back Better?

What will Corrupt Senile Bozo Biden build back better? Corrupt Big Banks, Corrupt Big Tech and Corrupt Beijing. Look at his Corrupt Record.

What will Corrupt Biden Build Back Better? At the Corrupt Democratic Party’s Circus, Corrupt Senile Bozo Biden and Phony Randy Carnal Kamala Harris told us they want to “Build Back Better.” But that’s nonsense. All the Corrupt Idiots want to build back are Corrupt Big Banks, Corrupt Big Tech, and Corrupt Beijing.

After four years of Donald Trump upsetting the status quo on Wall Street, in Silicon Valley and Washington, D.C., in favor of working people, the Corrupt Biden-Phony Harris ticket is all about the revenge of the Corrupt Progressive Elites.

Former Vice Clown Corrupt Senile Bozo Biden styles himself as a friend of the working class, but he’s really a Corrupt Corporate Democrat. This should surprise nobody. Look at his Corrupt Record.

It started with giveaways to the Corrupt Big Banks. Back in the 1990s, then Corrupt Sen. Biden voted to deregulate the financial services industry and giant mergers that made certain Corrupt Banks “too big to fail” followed soon after. It’s not hard to imagine how this turbocharged risky, predatory, and speculative activity eventually resulted in the financial crisis of 2008.

When Vice Clown Corrupt Senile Bozo Biden had the chance, with Corrupt President Boob Barack Obama, to make things right, he didn’t. Virtually no senior executives of Wall Street firms were prosecuted for their role in our economy’s collapse when it’s clear that those who played fast and loose with the securitization of home mortgages were the ones who brought it all crashing down.

It doesn’t end there.

The Boob Obama-Corrupt Biden administration made only a half-hearted attempt to help the millions of families who faced foreclosure during the crisis. Their relief policies privileged creditors at the expense of borrowers, propping up big banks at the expense of family homes and family farms. When given a choice, the Boob Obama-Corrupt Biden administration chose wealth hoarders over wage earners. Former Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner basically admitted as much.

These days Corrupt Senile Bozo Biden and Phony Randy Carnal Harris like to talk a lot about injustice. But letting bad actors who destroyed the economy off the hook while ignoring millions of working families who suffered – that’s the real injustice.

With Corrupt Wall Street and Corrupt Big Tech lining up to write checks to Corrupt Senile Bozo Biden and Phony Randy Carnal Harris, it’s clear that this is the ticket for Corporate Consolidation and Corporate Power, NOT WORKERS!

What Will Corrupt Biden Build Back Better?


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