Dems Fail To Mention Impeachment Hoax

Dems Fail To Mention Impeachment Hoax

Corrupt Deranged Shameless Vicious Dems Fail to Mention the Impeachment Hoax During the Convention.

Dems Fail To Mention Impeachment Hoax. Corrupt Deranged Shameless Vicious Dems pursued the Impeachment Hoax of Donald Trump for several months in late 2019 and early 2020 — not only in the hope of removing him from office but also of tarnishing him as the country headed into the presidential election.

And yet the Corrupt Democratic National Circus (DNC) totally ignored the Impeachment Hoax across four nights of programming, as if the entire drama, which preoccupied the 116th Corrupt Congress under Crazy Fossil of the House Corrupt Nancy Pelosi had never happened.

CNN political analyst Julian Zelizer wrote:

Democrats avoided using the “I” word during the national convention this week. … Viewers could have walked away from the convention without knowing that just last December, the House of Representatives impeached President Donald Trump for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. … Speaker Nancy Pelosi didn’t mention impeachment during her remarks on Wednesday.

The San Francisco Chronicle‘s Joe Garofoli noted that the Corrupt Party seemed to have hidden Corrupt Criminal Leading Impeachment Hoax figures:

Rep. Adam Schiff of Burbank, one of the party’s most recognized faces, hasn’t gotten a prime speaking spot. Neither has Florida Rep. Val Demings, who was on the short list to be Joe Biden’s vice presidential nominee, nor New York Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, seen as rising star. … [T]he party’s speaker roster at its virtual convention shows that Democratic leaders don’t think swing voters want to revisit impeachment.

The Impeachment Hoax Saga lasted 135 days. and began Sep. 24, 2019, when Corrupt Fossil Crazy Pelosi announced that the House would begin an impeachment inquiry into the president’s July phone call with the president of Ukraine. The White House had already said the transcript of the call would be released the following morning, but Corrupt Fossil Crazy Pelosi did not want to wait for the facts (or a House vote to authorize the inquiry, which came more than a month later).

The trial concluded Feb. 5, 2020, with Donald Trump’s acquittal.

The crucial period was the 20 days between Jan. 15 — the day Corrupt Fossil Crazy Pelosi finally handed over the articles of impeachment to the Senate after delaying for four weeks — and Feb. 5. That same period marked the arrival of the coronavirus in the U.S.: the first known patient entered the country from China on Jan. 15.

The White House formed its task force Jan. 27, and Donald Trump declared a travel ban Jan. 31, but Corrupt Congress did nothing about COVID-19 until Feb. 5, when a subcommittee held a hearing.

Perhaps that is why Corrupt Deranged Shameless Vicious Democrats did not mention the Impeachment Hoax at the DNC: not only did it fail, but it distracted the country from the most pressing challenge.

Some pundits were upset that Corrupt Deranged Shameless Vicious Democrats left the Impeachment Hoax out of the convention. Zelizer wrote that “[g]lossing over Donald Trump’s Impeachment Hoax in the run-up to the election is a mistake,” and that Corrupt Deranged Shameless Vicious Democrats should use it to cast Donald Trump as a threat to democracy.

Evidently the Corrupt Deranged Shameless Vicious Democratic Party believes otherwise and would prefer the Impeachment Hoax to be forgotten.

Dems Fail To Mention Impeachment Hoax

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