Corrupt Freak Biden Has Nothing To Offer

Corrupt Freak Biden Has Nothing To Offer

Corrupt Senile Freak Biden has nothing to offer Black America but fear.

Corrupt Freak Biden Has Nothing To Offer. From the very outset of his campaign, Former Corrupt Vice Clown Senile Freak Joe Biden has presented himself to Black America as a savior figure for whom they have a moral duty to vote. It’s a total fraud. Corrupt Senile Freak Biden is part of the problem for poor urban Blacks. The Corrupt Senile Freak is not part of the solution. 

Corrupt Senile Freak Biden’s announcement speech was a blatant attempt to racially divide people. The Corrupt Senile Freak worked hard to make the audience view White supremacists as “a threat to our nation …” — which they are — but failed to mention other threats to Blacks and other Americans that are thousands of times worse.

Although the Corrupt Freak remarks were intended to divide, the Corrupt Senile Freak still presented himself as the one who could unite. Over a year later, the Corrupt Senile Freak was telling radio host Charlamagne tha God that “you ain’t black” if you haven’t decided to vote for him yet. Such a statement can only come from a Corrupt Senile Arrogant, an Entitled career politician who thinks he owns Blacks and the Black vote.

It is a strategy that is consistent with what Corrupt Senile Freak Biden and the Corrupt Deranged Democratic Party have offered African-Americans for the entirety of Corrupt Senile Freak Biden’s political career: fear and dependency.

The narrative of fear is fatally misleading. It points people in the direction of the least threat, and it ignores the greatest threat. In reality, far more Black lives are lost from the explosion of violent crime in America’s major cities than from Corrupt Senile Freak Biden’s White supremacist bogeymen.

Instead of addressing that reality, or even supporting Donald Trump as he deploys federal resources to address the problem, Corrupt Senile Freak Biden has chosen to attack police, exploiting the false charge of “systemically racist” law enforcement to pose once again as the only one who can protect Black Americans.

It’s the only narrative Corrupt Senile Freak Biden has, convinced as he is that significant Black turnout is what will carry the Senile Corrupt Idiot to the White House. The Senile Corrupt Idiot knows full well that he can’t claim to have actually done anything for the Black community except for mass incarceration.

Donald Trump’s record has completely exposed, for any honest person, the five-decade fraud perpetrated on the Black community by the Deranged Corrupt Democrat party.

Corrupt Freak Biden Has Nothing To Offer

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