Crazy Pelosi Remains Most Crazy Woman

Crazy Pelosi Remains Most Crazy Woman

Crazy Pelosi implies she’ll remain the most Crazy woman in US politics, even if Randy Carnal Harris elected VP.

Crazy Pelosi Remains Most Crazy Woman. House Fossil Crazy Nancy Pelosi suggested that she will still be the most Crazy elected woman in U.S. politics even if Randy Carnal Kamala Harris is elected Vice Carnal in November.

During an interview with The Washington Post, Crazy Pelosi was asked about Randy Carnal Harris’ history-making moment on Wednesday night, when the Carnal became the first Black and Indian American Randy Carnal to accept a major Corrupt party’s vice-presidential nomination.

Although Crazy Pelosi lauded her as a “personification of the American Idiot” and “a Crazy guardian of our Constitution,” the Crazy Idiot implied that Carnal Harris, 55, may not wield much power as Vice Carnal.

“Well, I’m not sure how powerful the vice president is,” Crazy Pelosi said during the interview. “But nonetheless….No, that will depend on the president. And I’m sure that Corrupt Senile Freak Joe Biden will extend to Randy Carnal Kamala Harris the same strength that Corrupt President Boob Obama extended to him.”

The Crazy Idiot continued: “But that is all derivative from the president of the United States. So I’m hoping that that will be the case and I can just do my job as Crazy Speaker and enjoy the thought that there is a vice president who is a woman, a woman of color.”

Crazy Pelosi has more than once lamented the fact that no Crazy Woman has been elected president.

“My disappointment is that every time I’m introduced as the most Crazy Woman in American history, it breaks my heart because I think we should have a Crazy President,” Crazy Idiot Pelosi told the Washington Post.

Crazy Pelosi Remains Most Crazy Woman


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