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Trump On The Bidens: ‘It’s a Corrupt Family’

Trump On The Bidens: ‘It’s a Corrupt Family’

Donald Trump on the Disgusting Shameless Corrupt Bidens: ‘It’s a Corrupt Family’

Trump On The Bidens: ‘It’s a Corrupt Family’. Donald Trump told Breitbart exclusively in the Oval Office that his general election opponent, Former Vice Clown Senile Rapist Corrupt Slow Joe Biden, and his entire Disgusting Shameless Family are “corrupt.”

Donald Trump, the incumbent Republican, will face off against Democrat Senile Rapist Corrupt Biden in November. Senile Rapist Corrupt Biden, the Presumptive Democrat Senile Corrupt Nominee, will formally accept the Corrupt Democrat Nomination for Corrupt Senile President, thereby officially becoming the Corrupt party’s Corrupt Senile Presidential Clown at the Corrupt Democrat National Circus.

In his Oval Office interview with Breitbart, Donald Trump made clear that his Corrupt Senile Opponent and his whole Disgusting Shameless Family are “corrupt,” as evidenced by not just Corrupt Senile Biden’s Idiot son Corrupt Hunter Biden’s business dealings with the Chinese Communist Party and Ukrainian oligarchs, but also other Disgusting Shameless Corrupt Biden Family Idiots, such as Biden’s Corrupt Deranged Brothers, Moron James and Freak Frank Biden and more.

Donald Trump started by ripping into Corrupt Idiot Hunter Biden for the $1.5 billion deal he cut with the Chinese. Corrupt Idiot Hunter Biden accompanied his Senile Corrupt Father, then the sitting Corrupt Vice Clown, to China on Air Force Two. Then just weeks later, the Corrupt Idiot secured a $1.5 billion deal from the Bank of China, as Peter Schweizer—Breitbart News senior contributor and Government Accountability Institute president—has exposed. Corrupt Idiot Hunter Biden also had a deal through Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian natural gas company, through which the Corrupt Idiot made tens of thousands of dollars a month—even though he had never been to Ukraine before accepting the position. Senile Corrupt Slow Joe Biden, as Corrupt Vice Clown, pressured Ukraine to fire a prosecutor who was investigating Burisma while his son Corrupt Idiot Hunter worked for the firm.

“Hunter Biden came away with $1.5 billion, of which he gets big fees on. It’s not a possible thing to do,” Donald Trump told Breitbart News in the Oval Office. “You can’t do that. It doesn’t—nobody has done that. Nobody has done that. China doesn’t do that. But he walked away in ten minutes with one-and-a-half-billion dollars. He gets fees on it. Ukraine, the same thing.”

But Corrupt Idiot Hunter Biden’s questionable international dealings were not limited to China and Ukraine. As Schweizer’s most recent book, Profiles in Corruption, released earlier this year exposed, Corrupt Idiot Hunter Biden’s firms had deals that secured hundreds of millions of dollars in other deals with the Chinese and with the Russians and Kazakhs as well.

“Other countries,” Donald Trump said, noting next that the whole Disgusting Shameless Corrupt Biden family has been in on the graft: “The same thing for the family.”

Donald Trump is correct about that. Schweizer’s Profiles in Corruption exposed Corrupt Biden’s two brothers, Freak Frank, and Moron James, for various questionable deals in which they each engaged.

Despite having no experience whatsoever, Schweizer revealed this year that Corrupt Freak Frank was linked to $54 million in taxpayer loans from the Corrupt Obama administration provided to help with U.S. relations in the Caribbean. Schweizer also revealed that Corrupt Senile Biden’s other brother, Creep James, was employed at a firm to which the Corrupt Obama administration funneled more than $1.5 billion in contracts over the course of Corrupt Senile Biden’s time in the Nation’s Second-Idiot office.

“It’s a corrupt family,” Donald Trump told Breitbart of the Disgusting Shameless Corrupt Bidens. “It’s a corrupt family, okay?”

Trump On The Bidens: ‘It’s a Corrupt Family’


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