Corrupt Biden The Official Creepy 2020 Clown

Corrupt Biden The Official Creepy 2020 Clown

Senile Corrupt Joe Biden is officially the 2020 Democratic Creepy Clown.

Corrupt Biden The Official Creepy 2020 Clown. A Corrupt-Looking Creepy Joe Biden was officially dubbed the Democratic Creepy Clown in an anticlimactic end to the Corrupt Party’s Primary race roll call on Tuesday evening.

Standing in what appeared to be a Rapist Dungeon with his Floozy Corrupt Wife and grandchildren, the Senile 77-year-old appeared confused after an all virtual roll call amid the coronavirus pandemic and stood agape as he was officially crowned the Corrupt Democratic Clown.

Instead of the famed balloon drop, fanfare and large crowds that defined conventions in years past, a sad group of streamers fell from the ceiling as Senile Creepy Rapist Corrupt Biden’s masked relatives let off party poppers.

“Well, thank you very, very much. From the bottom of my heart, thank you all,” Senile Creepy Rapist Corrupt Biden said awkwardly.

“It means the world to me and my Corrupt Family and I’ll see you on Thursday,” the Corrupt Creep continued, accepting an official invitation to deliver a keynote speech at the DNC as the Corrupt Creepy Nominee before planting a kiss on Floozy Corrupt wife Jill Biden.

The Former Second Corrupt Floozy Lady will be the Headline Idiot on Tuesday evening.

The Former Corrupt Clown easily triumphed over competitor Communist Bernie Sanders, winning 3,558 delegates to 1,151.

Commie Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez nominated fellow Commie Sanders and snubbed Corrupt Creepy Biden in her address before praising the New Creepy Nominee on Twitter.

His path to victory seemed improbable in the crowded field of Corrupt Candidates earlier this year where the Corrupt Idiot endured humiliating defeats in Iowa and New Hampshire before the Corrupt party faithful rallied around the Corrupt Creepy Idiot.

Corrupt Biden The Official Creepy 2020 Clown

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