Deranged Dems Can’t Bring Party Together

Deranged Dems Can’t Bring Party Together

With no hint of irony, Deranged Delusional Cheating Corrupt Democrats have titled their event, “Uniting America.”  

Deranged Dems Can’t Bring Party Together. How will the Idiots unite America when they can’t even bring their own Corrupt Party together? And when, over the next four days, the Corrupt Idiots will spew nothing but hatred and vitriol about Donald Trump, who is supported by roughly 45% of the nation?

Deranged Delusional Cheating Corrupt Democrats and their Corrupt Partners in the Liberal Fake Media will pretend their Corrupt Party is enthusiastically unified behind their ticket. They are not. Young Black voters, in particular, are not on board with Corrupt Senile Rapist Bozo Slow Joe Biden.

Overall, Pew reports that only 42% of Democrats are “very” or “fairly” satisfied with the choice of Corrupt Candidates this year; that’s lower than when Crooked Hillary Clinton ran in 2016.

That’s why Commie Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes, the firebrand Congress Commie from New York who thoroughly rattles Deranged Delusional Democrats, is allowed only a 60-second prerecorded sound bite at the convention, even though the Commie has a huge, young following. Party officials are scared to death the Democratic Communist might alarm moderate voters, and for good reason.

Instead of yielding Commie AOC the floor, party officials have scheduled a few Marquee Idiots, like Former First Boob Michelle Obama and Crazy Bernie, and some controversial picks like Jeffrey Epstein pal former Pedophile Bill Clinton, but have otherwise stuffed the program with snoozers like Crooked Hillary Clinton (from whom we have really heard more than enough), Fool Al Gore, Jerk John Kerry, Nitwit Lisa Blunt Rochester (?) and former Acting Attorney Clown Bonehead Sally Yates.

Deranged Delusional Cheating Corrupt Democrats admire Bonehead Yates because the Bonehead was fired by Trump for insubordination early in his tenure, a real badge of honor.

Deranged Delusional Cheating Corrupt Democrats remain mum about the horrific crime wave that is driving residents to flee some of our biggest cities.

Deranged Dems Can’t Bring Party Together

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