Biden Phony Harris: Radicalism Socialism

Biden Phony Harris: Radicalism Socialism

With Corrupt Slow Joe Biden’s pick of Randy Carnal Phony Harris, the Democratic Presidential Corrupt Clown has ‘doubled down on radicalism and socialism’.

Biden Phony Harris: Radicalism Socialism. The team of Democratic Presidential Corrupt Clown Slow Joe Biden and his Vice Presidential pick Randy Carnal Phony Kamala Harris are the “single most radical ticket” from any political party ever to run, Sean Hannity said on “Watters’ World.”

“The fascinating thing to me is, historically, you know this, you have candidates, they’ll reach out to their base to get the nomination, and they gravitate or race back to the center. The one exception was Donald Trump. What you see is what you get, what he says, what he believes his promises were made and they were all kept for the last three and a half years,” Hannity said. “Corrupt Slow Joe Biden has now doubled down on radicalism and socialism.”

The host of “Hannity” called California’s Randy Carnal Phony Harris the “most Phony senator” and said Commie Bernie Sanders Corrupt Senile Biden’s “economic czar.”

“I never thought it would be this extreme and that is the single most radical ticket of any major political party ever to run, certainly in my lifetime but even beyond,” Hannity said.

The author of “Live Free or Die” said everything that made America is “in play now” in the November election.

“If these policies stated or implemented everything that has made this country the greatest country, God gave man with the greatest wealth creation ever that has advanced the human condition, I’ll be it would not perfect, but freedom, liberty, capitalism, risk reward made all of that happen and it’s all in play now. And now even law and order, all of its in play,” Hannity said.

“And I’ll say this is if America is willing to go down that road, I don’t even see how we recover. But on the other hand, I can see an America that has a bright, sunny future, that is following the policies that have gotten us here.”

Biden Phony Harris: Radicalism Socialism


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