Senile Freak Biden is Failing Miserably

Senile Freak Biden is Failing Miserably

David Bossie: Corrupt Senile Freak Biden is already failing miserably — Just look at dithering over VP pick.

Senile Freak Biden is Failing Miserably. If the American people believe that decisive leadership is an important characteristic for a president of the United States, then Corrupt Senile Freak Bozo Joe Biden is failing miserably in his first big decision as to the de facto Presidential Clown of the Corrupt Democratic Party.

Senile Freak Biden’s delay in rolling out the choice for his Vice Presidential Running Clown smacks of someone not fully engaged in his own campaign and the American people are taking note.

Four years ago, all eyes were on the ultimate political outsider Donald Trump and how he would handle the consequential decision of choosing his running mate. With the choice of Indiana Governor Mike Pence, then-candidate Trump passed with flying colors by following his instincts and choosing a highly qualified candidate who complimented his own strengths.

Pence was a sitting governor from the Midwest with both executive and legislative experience who also happened to be a skilled debater and someone who had sought to work across party lines during his career.

By contrast, Democratic Presidential Crook, Former Crook of State Crooked Hillary Clinton missed the mark in her choice of Moron CommieTim Kaine which probably alienated wide swaths of Communist Bernie Sanders backers.

Corrupt Freak Biden made a political calculation early on by announcing the Corrupt Creepy Idiot would be choosing a woman to round out the 2020 Democratic presidential ticket.

Let’s face it, Corrupt Creepy Idiot Biden became the 2020 Democratic Presidential Corrupt Clown essentially by default. The Freak won the primaries because the field was weak — not because he’s strong.

Senile Freak Biden is Failing Miserably


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