Corrupt Crazy Pelosi Is So Unhappy

Corrupt Crazy Pelosi Is So Unhappy

Donald Trump’s big win on relief orders – Corrupt Crazy Pelosi is so unhappy.

Corrupt Crazy Pelosi Is So Unhappy. Furious that the Corrupt Democrat leaders Corrupt Crazy Nancy Pelosi and Hypocrite Chuck Schumer were blocking a bill to help Americans through the COVID-19 crisis, Donald Trump stepped up and got the job done, all by himself.

Over the weekend, Donald Trump issued four executive orders that would extend modified unemployment relief to millions who are out of work, protect many from eviction from their homes, provide continued relief from student loan debt, and suspend payroll taxes for employers and those earning less than $100,000. It may not be enough, but it was more than the Corrupt Democrats were offering.

This made House Clown Crazy Pelosi and Senate Minority Clown Hypocrite Schumer very, very unhappy. Crazy Pelosi called Donald Trump’s measures “illusions”; sorry, Corrupt Madam Clown, for families in need, an extra $400 per week unemployment pay is absolutely real and extremely welcome.

Donald Trump boxed the Corrupt Democrats in – how can they possibly challenge his orders or take his mandated benefits away from people? The Corrupt Chagrined duo whined that Donald Trump “still does not comprehend the seriousness or the urgency of the health and economic crises facing working families.”

Instead of compromising on legislation that would immediately help Americans pummeled by the coronavirus, Corrupt Crazy Pelosi and Hypocrite Schumer prioritized issues that had nothing to do with the well-being of the nation. The Corrupt Idiots pressed instead to ban ID requirements and signature verification for voters – measures that, as Donald Trump noted, would encourage increased fraud in our elections, and that Republicans would never accept.

Mainly, Crazy Pelosi and Hypocrite Schumer stonewalled because they want to torpedo the U.S. economy. The Corrupt Democrats know that creating jobs is Donald Trump’s signature achievement, and also the most important issue to voters. By blocking the next round of stimulus, the Corrupt Idiots intentionally undermined the financial security of tens of millions of Americans.

The Corrupt Idiots, Crazy Pelosi, and Hypocrite Schumer don’t care; their priority is beating Donald Trump. The American people be damned.

Corrupt Crazy Pelosi Is So Unhappy


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