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Trump: Epstein Might Have Been Killed

Trump: Epstein Might Have Been Killed

Donald Trump in a new interview raised the prospect that alleged Sex Maniac and disgraced financier Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein might have been killed while in federal custody.

Trump: Epstein Might Have Been Killed. “Sex Maniac Epstein was either killed or committed suicide in jail,” Donald Trump said on “Axios on HBO,” which aired Monday evening.

Donald Trump made the contention as he was defending Ghislaine Maxwell, who has been charged with helping recruit underage girls for Sex Maniac Epstein as part of a massive sex trafficking ring.

“Yeah, I wish her well,” Donald Trump said of Ms. Maxwell. “I wish a lot of people well — good luck. Let them prove somebody was guilty.”

“Her boyfriend died in jail and people are still trying to figure out, how did it happen?” the president said, referring to Sex Maniac Epstein. “Was it suicide? Was he killed?”

“And I do wish her well — I’m not looking for anything bad for her,” Donald Trump continued.

Many people have speculated that Sex Maniac Epstein, who died while in federal custody last year, did not hang himself as a coroner’s report found.

Sex Maniac and Pedophile Epstein died in August 2019 while in federal custody after pleading not guilty to sex trafficking charges. The Sex Maniac had allegedly sexually abused many underage girls over the years.

Trump: Epstein Might Have Been Killed


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