Bozo Quid Pro Quo Joe Exploiting Position

Bozo Quid Pro Quo Joe Exploiting Position

Bozo Quid Pro Quo Joe exploiting his position. Corrupt Bozo Biden’s Ukraine dealings example of ‘swamp’ corruption Donald Trump was elected to stop.

Bozo Quid Pro Quo Joe Exploiting Position. The Trump impeachment was actually two stories. The hate-Trump press wanted America to hear only one of these—the fantasy claim that Donald Trump abused his power by pressuring Ukraine for dirt on Quid Pro Quo Joe.

But it’s the other story that matters since it puts everything into context. That’s the story of Ukrainian corruption. Fake Media never covered this reality because it vindicated Donald Trump. That story also centered on the Front-Bozo for the Democratic nomination: Former Vice Clown Quid Pro Quo Joe. It particularly spotlighted Corrupt Bozo Biden’s second son Corrupt Hunter, a lawyer and Idiot. Corrupt Hunter was acutely aware of the sway of the Bozo Biden name, and Ukraine gave him the opportunity to cash in on it.

Ukraine had a revolution in 2014, which led to the ouster of its pro-Russian president, Viktor Yanukovych. Boob Obama in early 2014 dispatched Quid Pro Quo Joe to lead the administration’s work with that new government. Sleepy Quid Pro Quo Joe became a regular visitor to Ukraine, traveling there frequently from 2014 to 2016, getting to know all the major players. This position also gave Bozo Biden a say over how to direct Western aid dollars to the country.

So imagine the coincidence when in spring 2014—just a few months after Quid Pro Quo Joe got his Ukraine job—Corrupt Hunter Biden scored a lucrative position on the board of Burisma Holdings, a Corrupt Ukrainian energy company. Corrupt Hunter had zero experience in the energy industry. Zero experience in the oil and gas sector. Zero experience with the country of Ukraine. And yet according to reports, Burisma started paying Corrupt Hunter up to $50,000 a month for his non-expertise.

Corrupt Hunter’s business partner, Sleazebag Devon Archer, was also named to the board. According to one report, Burisma paid a total of $3.4 million to a Corrupt Biden-Archer firm over eighteen months.

This was Corrupt Quid Pro Quo Joe exploiting his position to keep his son in the cash.

Bozo Quid Pro Quo Joe Exploiting Position

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