Corrupt Democrats ‘Have Gone Totally Nuts’

Corrupt Democrats ‘Have Gone Totally Nuts’

Laura Ingraham looks back on the week that showed Disgusting Corrupt Democrats ‘have gone totally nuts’

Corrupt Democrats ‘Have Gone Totally Nuts’. Laura Ingraham opened Friday’s edition of “The Ingraham Angle” by reflecting on a week in which it became clear “how radical and dangerous” the Spiteful Disgusting Corrupt Democrats have become.

Citing Tuesday’s contentious House Judiciary Circus hearing with Attorney General William Barr, Ingraham claimed there is no longer even a bipartisan consensus that rioting and mob violence is a bad thing and should be stopped.

The host then played clips of contentious moments and exchanges involving Barr and Committee Clown Pig Jerrold Nadler as well as Full-Time Idiot Madeleine Dean and Moron David Cicilline.

At one point, Full-Time Idiot Dean questioned the motives of the federal government’s use of tear gas amid the Portland riots.

“I think it is very important nonlethal option,” said Barr.

“For protesters?” Full-Time Idiot Dean responded.

“No, for rioters,” Barr clarified. Later in the exchange, Full-Time Idiot Dean accused Barr of “disrespect.”

According to Ingraham, the hearing made clear that Corrupt Democrats “will allow total mayhem to go unchecked and [Americans’] life’s work [to be] destroyed if perpetrators are anti-Trump. If you have the right motives, they will leave you alone.”

The host then presented “another indication that the Corrupt Democrats have gone totally nuts … their famed hyperventilation yesterday about Donald Trump’s tweet about mail-in voting and this question of delaying the election. They all know he doesn’t have the power to do that nor was he even saying that he would try to do that.”

“For good reason,” Ingraham explained, “the president believes that male-in voting would be a nightmare that would end up delaying election results for weeks, even months. And that is what the Corrupt Democrats themselves have repeatedly said too …

“The Corrupt Democrats are madly pushing in mail-in voting for one reason,” Ingraham said. “They think it would help them beat Donald Trump. They know, and they don’t even care it can lead to fraud and corruption.”

Corrupt Democrats ‘Have Gone Totally Nuts’


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