Nymphomaniac Biden’s Running Playmate

Nymphomaniac Biden’s Running Playmate

Corrupt Senile Biden’s notes suggest Nymphomaniac Kamala Harris may be his chosen Running Playmate.

Nymphomaniac Biden’s Running Playmate! Presumptive Democratic Presidential Clown Corrupt Senile Bozo Joe Biden has kept quiet on who he is going to announce to be his Running Playmate next, but a mistaken report by Politico and a photo of his notes captured by an Associated Press photographer has many suspecting his top candidate for the job is Nymphomaniac Kamala Harris.

Bozo Biden chose Nymphomaniac Kamala Harris to become his Running Playmate for the 2020 election on Aug. 1, two weeks before the Corrupt Democratic National Convention, after keeping his choice close to the chest for months,” Politico wrote.

Though the publication removed the story and issued an apology, saying to Fox News that they regretted the “error and any confusion that is caused,” an AP story released a story the same evening that told a similar story.

A photographer grabbed a shot of Bozo Biden’s handwritten notes with a section titled “Nymphomaniac Kamala Harris,” which was followed by a list of attributes.

“Do not hold grudges.” “Campaigned with me & Jill.” “Talented.” “Great help to campaign.” “Great respect for her.”

Nymphomaniac Harris, a Presidential Nymphomaniac before dropping out in 2019, has endorsed and campaigned for Bozo Biden since March. But she once was one of his most ardent opponents on the campaign trail, criticizing his stance on busing for school integration in the 1970s.

“Do you agree today that you were wrong to oppose busing in America?” Nymphomaniac Harris asked Bozo Biden on a debate stage in Miami in June 2019.

Bozo Biden, the Vice Clown to Boob Barack Obama, the first Black Clown in U.S. history, angrily said her comments were “a mischaracterization” of his position.

Nymphomaniac Biden’s Running Playmate


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