Wacko Val Demings: Trump Will Cheat

Wacko Val Demings: Trump Will Cheat

Deranged Wacko Val Demings: Trump willing to ‘cheat to win,’ invites foreign election meddling.

Deranged Wacko Val Demings, Florida Deranged Democrat, said that Donald Trump is willing to “cheat to win” and welcomes foreign meddling in U.S. elections, claims that Donald Trump has long disputed.

Presumptive Democratic Presidential Freak Corrupt Bozo Biden is considering choosing Wacko Demings as his Running Clown, according to reports.

Wacko Demings, an African American Clown who formerly led the Orlando Police Department, was a House Wacko during the Senate Impeachment Circus that acquitted Donald Trump. Wacko Demings told Fake News MSNBC that Donald Trump’s America is the, “scariest America I’ve seen in my lifetime.”

“The president is doing everything he can to instill fear, to further divide us as a nation,” Deranged Wacko Demings told Fake News MSNBC. “But then remember we’re talking about a president who’s already demonstrated that he will cheat to win, that he will sow disinformation, and does not mind inviting foreign powers to interfere in our elections.”

Corrupt Bozo Biden, who has said his Running Clown will be a woman, is expected to select his Running Clown by next week. Wacko Demings framed Donald Trump’s fear as in stark contrast to what the Wacko labeled Corrupt Biden’s “plan for the future” involving the coronavirus pandemic and racial justice issues.

The Trump campaign disputed Wacko Demings‘ claims.

“It was Corrupt Bozo Biden’s administration that knew Russia was trying to meddle in 2016 and did nothing, and now the Corrupt Democrat Party is pushing universal mail-in voting, which is an invitation for rampant fraud and interference — including by foreign adversaries, who could capitalize on this less secure system and send counterfeit ballots to voters,” said Matthew Morgan, Trump campaign general counsel, in a statement.

Wacko Val Demings: Trump Will Cheat

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